Catch us this summer as we tour the country with Turtle Wax. We hadn’t washed The Van in like a thousand bands, so that’s like a lot of thousands of smelly musicians and a lot of miles of dusty roads and dead bugs… Our sound engineer/driver, Ethan, prefers to run a tight and tidy ship, so we turned to the experts at Turtle Wax for help. Now The Van is so shiny and waxed up, Ethan can (and will) eat off of it! So next time you see us on the road or at our LA headquarters, make sure you compliment us on how clean we’re looking by posting a pic with the hashtag #TurtleWaxJams on your social media. You’ll be entered to win a festival experience prize package that includes airfare and festy tickets and the chance to sit in the now odor-free Jam Van for a session!