Jam in the Van is an interactive live viewing experience, we have TV’s on the outside of The Van so that fans can watch and listen to the live performance as it is taking place as well as Encore tablets and Toshiba Chromebook 2s for fans to check out our website and check in online. This interactive viewing experience is all made possible by the friendly folks at Toshiba.

For SXSW we teamed up with Toshiba to create the ultimate interactive viewing experience. We had 10 + Toshiba TV’s hooked up to Toshiba Chromebook 2s streaming Jam in the Van videos all around the house, we had Canvios to store all of our videos, pictures and music, a Toshiba NCCA Tournament Lounge, Toshiba Chromebook 2s, and a bunch of Encore tablets for people to check emails or whatever it is that music business professionals do on the internet.

SXSW was our most tech savvy event yet and Toshiba made it possible!