I’m hoping to all hopes that this thing goes off as good as it possibly can.  Which is to say, that the room will be packed enough for Go-Rilla to go crowd-surfing…  I’m not gonna lie though, I’m nervous.  We’ve never thrown a concert before, I’ve certainly never done anything close.  This isn’t the easiest venue to bring people to, given its geographical location in the city, and so I’m hoping that the combination of good music and a good cause will be enough to fill the Central S.A.P.C. with dancing drunkards this evening.

                Lord knows I tried.  I mean, I’ve told y’all before that the Twit-game and the Zuckerbook-game were fairly new things for me.  So now six months into my orientation with those social mediums I come across my first time promoting an event through them.  So I Twitted and Zuckerbooked my fingers off, and hopefully that does something.  I also made sure most of the online publications and radio stations in this town listed it on their concert calendars.  We made a promo video for it, and then to top it off, we (ed. note: even me a little bit) went all over the place handing out fliers to get some fools off their asses and into the Central tonight. 

                Now devoted readers and cynics alike, when I tell you that handing out fliers is not something that I’ve ever done, nor ever wanted to do, nor ever envisioned myself wanting to do, I am telling you no lies.  However, I humbled myself, to a certain, as minimal as Gorilla would allow me possible, because it’s for charity, extent, and I annoyed people on the streets with our fliers.  The same types of fliers that I have ignored from slews of solicitors in years past.  The same ones that I always make into paper airplanes if I get stuck with them, then I send them off through the air to find a new recipient or to hit someone in the back of the head.  The same fliers that I always say to myself “who the heck goes to a show because they see it on one of these fliers?”  Yep, those ones.

                In fact, we rolled the beast around town last night forcing our little squares of paper with knowledge of headiness on them all around West LA.  At one point we posted up near the Venice Circle.  There we found a bunch of shit-rags “occupying Venice” (ed. note: dudes?  Seriously?  I’d love to say that I get it, but I really don’t.  I mean, y’all know there was a new Always Sunny in Philadelphia on last night right?  Yet you preferred to camp out in the dirty ass circle so you could have an effect on absolutely nobody and nothing?  Yeah, good call), as well as a man who went by the name of Rodolpho Santiago Domingo (ed. note: I think).  He claimed to be a Cuban revolutionary, and to his credit he did seem to have a small pack of rather filthy followers trailing behind him.  He also claimed to be in an Ice Cube video and a Steven Soderbergh film.  He claimed to be an artist and an actor and all sorts of great things.  He knew the Muck (ed. note: which certainly didn’t make me think more highly of him), and then mooched herb and spit on me while he talked, but that’s cool.  Because I’m pretty sure meeting a fake Cuban revolutionary while out promoting for a charity benefit was some kind of sign from above.  I’m pretty sure it means that shit is going down tonight.  That’s real talk.  See y’all there.  VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

Quote for the Day: Rodolpho Santiago Domingo “Cuban Revolutionary/homeless man” – I’m an old Phish Head…  I was at Coventry man!”

Track for the Day: Prince “1999” off of the aptly titled 1999 As if you need to ask why I piecked this…

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