Join us as we countdown our TOP 20 Headiest Sessions of 2016!

#20 – The Kickback

Every year there’s a band on this list that’s kind of a wild card. This is this year’s wild card. That means this shit is wild.

#19 – Nick Waterhouse

The Version of LA Turnaround that he did in The Van gets him on the list. Start your day with that track. End your day with that track. It’s a good track.

#18 – The Fritz

When all of the other bands at the shoot stand around listening to and commenting on how good one band is, that’s list worthy. Also, my dad liked them, and he don’t like much.

#17 – Acid Dad

Morty tribute pick… as trippy as it sounds.

#16 – William Elliot Whitmore

He played his session with a baby calf at his feet. The calf didn’t take a dump in The Van. Win, win.

#15 – Theo Katzman

Dude went to Michigan, he’s on the list… but also, the tunage was worthy of the Maize and Blue.

#14 – PPL MVR

Friggin yetis… man. Rock and roll yetis. That makes the list. Every time.

#13 – PHASES

Best Justin Bieber cover… ever. Like, I’m legitimately certain we might have recorded the best Justin Bieber cover ever. It makes the list.

#12 – Desi Valentine

I just liked this dude’s energy. He should be making music, he is making music, his soul carries well for it…

#11 – Drake White

Dude’s JITV video got posted in Rolling Stone. So, we got in Rolling Stone. So Drake White, you made my mama proud. You’re on the list.

#10 – The Wild Feathers

I feel like these dudes were on the list a couple of years ago. It’s safe to say that if you were on the list before, and you kick it with us again, it’s pretty easy for you to wind up on the list again.

#9 – Stop Light Observations

The homies have a great new album and they hit us with three solid tracks from it during a thunderstorm on the Blueridge Parkway.

#8 – Lukas Nelson

Always a pleasure… like legitimately just one of the most pleasant dudes to work with and listen to (I sounded like Jack right there I think).

#7 – The Black Angels

If you’re super trippy and own a Wheaten terrier, you make the list. We’ll call it RZA the dog’s pick.

#6 – Cody ChesnuTT

Peace and love and blessings and soul, and this dude is a legend.

#5 – The Felice Brothers

Dudes are strictly business when it comes to their music. They get in, they lay down, they get out. Never fails to be legit.

#4 – Jamestown Revival

Back to back on the list because they’re good at both music and apparently video games… but they don’t say that until they blow you away… in music and video games.

#3 – Ziggy Marley

Self explanatory.

#2 – Susto

Bruh… this band though. All songs on repeat for this guy.

#1 – Wyclef Jean

I listened to so much of this dude’s music in high school and it was not a disappointment to meet him and watch him do his thing. He grabbed a guitar from the living room and he put everyone in the vicinity on notice for an hour and a half. If you missed it, you missed it. Lucky for you, we recorded some of the magic.