It’s the simple things in life right?  That’s why there’s so many fatties out there, cause it’s easy to get fat right (ed. note: back to back days of making fun of the wider side of our species, I toe the line of offending and running a joke into the ground, for shame.  Tomorrow I’ll make fun of the religious sect)?  Anyways, we were downtown today, very nearby where I spent several years at a couple of less than awesome institutions of higher learning.   Now, I try to avoid downtown LA like I try to avoid getting chicks pregnant (ed. note: I like to maintain a buffer).  However, sometimes, as was the case today, and whatever day they call me for jury duty next, I am forced to take the 10 to the 110 and get off at the 6th street exit and navigate the weird one way and no-way streets that operate down there, and pay more to park than I’d really care to invest in a trip downtown, seeing as I usually don’t want to be there anyways (ed. note: unless the Knicks are playing the Lakers or Clippers, then I’m there).
                       Anyways, today’s jaunt was not like pulling teeth, it was a casual business meeting at a restaurant that had very few gluten-free options.  It was informative and productive, and I’ll end this all with an idea taken away from it.  However, before I do that, please direct your attention to the photo above.  That was taken while walking to our meeting.  The toy you see was in my hand, because it is you see, my new toy.  I have for a long time wanted a bubble making machine to use during our videos, and until now a Mexican man with $5.00 bubble machines has not appeared before Go-rilla nor myself.  That all changed today when we were of all places, downtown.  So you see, fun can even be found in the shittiest of spots.  If only there were more bubble machine salesman on Figueroa St., then maybe I’d skip around down that way a little bit more often.  Of course the fun surreptitiously came to a halt after I’d walked back to my car and realized that I left my bubble gun at the restaurant and had to hoof it all the way back to the damn roof where the waitress told me that it was really hard for her not to open it (ed. note: me an’ my stoner-ass)…
                    Now, that’s pretty much all I have for you.  I caught up on my stories last night, so my lack of music ingestion for the week still remains constant (ed. note: Go-rilla, let’s go do something tonight you bitch)!  The one final point I’d like to make, or rather request, is what I said we talked about in our meeting today.  Now you’re about to say “dude, must have been some retarded meeting if that’s what y’all talked about,” but it’s not alllll we talked about ass-fraggles, merely a small portion of it, an obvious portion of it, and one that’s unavoidable (ed. note: apparently).  It’s a shameless ploy that I’d never have envisioned myself making in the past.  However, heady times call for annoying measures.  If you’re reading this blog, then you obviously dig us.  So please, drop links on your Facebook and Twitter telling other people to dig us.  Tell them to click the daggone “like” button and flick the mah’flippin’ “follow” switch.  We want to get to 1500 fans and 500 followers by the end of this month.  That’s all I got.  If I had game there’d be no shame in it, so sue me if you want your time back.  Hasta la later.
Track for the Day: “Lonely Boy” by the Sex Pistols off of The Great Rock and Roll Swindle
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