What does a partyboy wolf do on a Tuesday in LA?  He ventures out into the night as a lone wolf to find his future ex-wife and maybe a bag of money or Quaalude’s.  FOALS rocked the house at the El Rey, closing with one of my Favorites from their 2008 album Antidotes, “Two Steps Twice”.  As I swayed and moved to the closing song, Yannis jumped into the pulsating crowd and made his way to the back bar to have himself a shot of the sweet nectar sent from above.  Climbing on the bar and making the bartender pour the drink down his throat, the crowd went bananas.

Soon after I found myself in my car with a bag of Quaaludes and a half naked baked potato. Great night!


Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 12.46.53 PM

Matt Ramirez drank some ooze type stuff and snorted paint chips when he was a kid in Texas. It turned him into The Wolf. A bearded hooligan who plays bass like a skitzo in the band Ivory Deville.  We were not aware that he did things like “swayed and moved” to closing songs until he wrote this post.