Morning desk jockeys, hope the coffee is treating you nicely today.  We here at JITV HQ are waiting anxiously on our morning fix to show up in the mail.  We get it from a hippie, that shit is organic, respect our earthiness.

                Now to da’binness, couple items of stuff to discuss.  First off, let me update y’all on our situation with the man.  So fart-knocker who keeps calling the cops also called the Housing Authority.  He told them someone was living inside of baby girl.  The Housing Authority (or whatever it’s called) started stressin’ my landlord Big Ed.  Now I don’t like it when people be stressin’ my man Ed.  He does right by me, so I do right by him.  If you’ve ever had a crappy landlord (or 17 of ‘em), then you will understand the value of a Big Ed.

                So we ceased our productions at the 643 Broadway Lot.  Got what we needed out of it, and Baby Girl was ready to fly the coop.  However, there was this annoyance with the Housing Department to deal with.  Apparently seeing this wasn’t enough to convince them that nobody was living inside of the Jam Van.  When Dinklestilskin called the fuzz he told them he saw someone coming out of there in the morning.  So they had to check into it.  We of course know that the person they saw was our camera-girl Kenzie, and she did camp a night or two in the gullet of the beast, but she is by no means a trailer troll, homegirl’s got a house, she’s got papers.  But you know how those bureau types are, shit makes sense to them in a completely senseless manner.  So they had to come by yesterday and waste all of our time, and at the end of the day all was put to rest.  Thanks Dinklestilskin, you got us straight with the man, in a roundabout ass-hole manner.

                Next up on the to-do list, The MIX TAPE:  Venice Beach Sessions Vol. 1 has arrived, it is on the website, it features the likes of the Muddy Reds, Milo Greene, the Dustbowl Revival, the Damn Sons, the Janks, and Wires in the Walls.  It’s perty dern good, so it would behoove you to download it, listen to it, tell all your friends about it, play it when you’re getting wild, play it when you’re getting intimate (with yourself and others), play it when you’re cooking dinner, you know, whateva, just play it.

                Lastly I need to remind y’all where we will be this weekend.  Baby Girl is playing her first event, and it’s going to be FOR DA CHILREN’S!  The Thinking About Tomorrow Foundation inspires leadership in the community and develops programs that foster our three core values: LIVE, LOVE & LEARN (ed. note: head-E!).  They will be hosting the event “RECESS,” a Back To School Kick-Off Event supporting youth education in Los Angeles (ed. note: AKA – for da’chilren’s).  They say that for the event they will be transforming LA Center Studio’s Vortex Immersion Dome into an adult playground.  I myself have never been inside of a Vortex Immersion Dome or an adult playground (ed. note: maybe the 2nd one, just once, or twice), but they both sound very entertaining.  The open bar sounds entertaining as well.  So we will be there, and we’re bringing our friends Wires in the Walls and maybe a couple Muddy Heads, and we’re bringing Baby Girl, and we’ll be posted up right out-front of that damn Vortex Dome and if you want to give $45.00 bucks to the chilren’s in exchange for libations and tether-ball-pole dancing, then you best to come on down as well.  Hope to see y’all at the Vortex Dome!

Track for the Day:  Gimme Back My Bullets” – By Skynard, off of Southern By the Grace of God (just like me).

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