I took that picture of that Iggy Pop picture in a bathroom stall (ed. note: user friendly commode) over the Labor Day weekend.  Iggy Pop broke his foot over the Labor Day weekend weekend and had to cancel a bunch of his upcoming tour dates.  Coincidence?  Gosh I hope so, cause if not, that would be some twisted-ass-Harry-Potter type shit, and I’m not even trying to mess with Iggy like that.  Iggy’s the man, I diggy Iggy.  Damn, his shit would look cool in the van.  Iggy, get in the van!  We’ll give you pain pills (ed. note: we won’t do that, that’s illegal)(ed. note: it’s not illegal to wink).  Aaah, I digress…

               So yesterday was Labor Day, the “official” end to the Summer.  There was no barbeque at Jam Van HQ (ed. note: unless you count eating two hot-dogs out of the oven as a bbq)(ed. note: you surely don’t), nobody got rip-roaring-shit-canned on Buttweiser, there were no popsicles and sparklers (ed. note: there are sparklers, we just didn’t light them).  It was really business as usual for a Monday, aside from the fact that I wasn’t at the suck-factory, and my roommate was on the couch with his hand down his pants instead of suitin’ it up for the man

                It was a boring day, which we are all apt. to afford ourselves every now and again.  I think I finally kicked the ill that had been phlegmming me up for the past week and keeping much excitement from my posts.  So that’s a plus.  I saw a man working out in a gas mask and toe shoes.  So that was also a plus.  However, other than that, I got nothing.  Hopefully Gorilla is off in the Big City frolicking around with Chach and making merriment.  I’m sure he is, and can regale me with those tales upon his triumphant return.  What all this is to say, is that we’re not sweatin’ it.  Because Summer ain’t over here in Venice.  It’s merely September, and by the way we see it, that just means things are about to heat up.


Let’s see if anyone’s paying attention:

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Track for the Day:  “Hater Players” by BlackStar off of their self titled debut.

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