We’ve had a long running joke since starting this site whereby every time we get a new “like” on our Facebook page my ass or Go-rilla’s ass yells out “spiking!” The joke derives from the fact (ed. note: which, yes, I’ve mentioned several times), that I ain’t know a cot-damn thing bout no facebookin’ nor no twatterin’ til about six months ago. Now if’n you come’s across me in the public eye, you’re liable to be offended by the fact that I check that shit like a coke fiend checks his baggy, constantly.

So to that effect, it makes me pretty happy to actually see a real, actual, not-bullshittin’ you about it, SPIKE! We dropped our Switchfoot teaser today and lord have mercy did we get a cool response. Over 100 of you liked our page in under an hour. Now let me put that in perspective. We had collected about 541 “likes” over the last/first 6 months of our existence.  It took merely an hour for us to increase our count by 1/5 of our cumulative total, based off of one short little teaser that our boy Dave snipped together.   Notice that we’ve kind of stagnated at “the like count of the Beast,” but no doubt it will move upwards shortly.

This excites the hell out of my twitterin’ ass.  So I’m hereby promising you, PROMISING YOU, that we will make good on what I said we would do if we reach 1500 fans on Facebook before the month of October has concluded. That is that our very own Go-Rilla will sing a Lady Gaga song in the van (ed. note: he will dance as well)(ed. note: he will dance sexy)(ed. note: as sexy as he can muster)(ed. note: I’ve really only ever seen him do the dance that consists of him being really black-out drunk and grinding his groin on a lady, or banister, or a wall, or a staircase)(ed. note: I linked the same shit twice cause it’s hillllaaaarious). Anyways, that’s it, short and sweet, tell all your friends to “like” what we do, and we’ll make something real special for you if we hit that magic number. Now I’m off to go make something of myself, because a week of stagnation has left quite a stank on my grundle, one that only a good run around town can wash off.

Quote for the Day: Go-Rilla: “You can’t put that on the blog…” So you see, the quote would have been a whole lot funnier, but Go-Rilla is all like, waaaah we can’t offend.  So we wont (ed. note: Just for that censorship Go-rilla, I picked the song for you)!

Track for the Day:  “Wasted Days” by the Slackers, off of the album Wasted Days…  Cause that’s what today felt like, sort of, kind of, except for the spike…

Links for the Day:

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