Alright, I know I said it was a minor issue on a scale of issues, and that I was done with it, and I am.  This is different. I mean it’s an offshoot, but it’s different.  You see, before I was upset over the fact that the Sunset Junction festival wasn’t going to happen anymore.  I was upset with the fact that I saw my first ever press-pass get turned into a pass for nothing.  I was upset that Gorilla wasn’t going to get to put on his Gorilla suit and run around tackling people.  I was upset that we weren’t going to get to throw 200 beach balls in the air at the same time.  I got over that, now I’m upset at some new shit, y’all wanna hear about it?  (ed. note: I do).

I’m upset because the Sunset Junction entity, the office that you call to get your vendor slot, and your press-kits, their base of operations, has turned off their two phone lines.  The LA Weekly let the community know this yesterday.  They’ve been quite up to the minute on the updates for this garbage.  Of course they only started updating when it was too late, but that’s neither here nor there.  Now they’re keeping us posted on the further scumbaggery of one Mr. Michael McKinley (seriously, click that fuckin’ link, dude looks like a walking communicable disease), and it has certainly gone further.

Not that we hadn’t expected it.  I mean, who really thought they were going to get their money back from a guy that withheld the fact that he didn’t have a permit for his festival until the very last minute?  I certainly did not.  Or at least, not without a significant amount of effort exerted on our part.  You see, I view this much as I would a situation with a landlord that jacks you for your security deposit.  The landlord figures you ain’t gonna do nothin’ about it, because in many instances, it’s a bigger pain in the ass, and will end up costing you just as much to try and get your deposit back.  In most instances they are correct.

I myself have been on both sides of the coin.  At earlier junctures in life, I had no recourse against a land-lord that didn’t feel that pizza burnt into a carpet and bong water stained walls was considered ordinary wear and tear for a college apartment.  However, at this juncture in time, (ed. note: and please, if you have any resource that could help this part get directed towards Mr. McKinley, and Edwin, the dude who took my cash, smiled at me, then was supposed to call me back and didn’t when I came all the way out to Silver Lake to get that cash back and he wasn’t there, by all means please get it to them) I have recourse.

I realize that the fee we paid was small potatoes next to some of the other people you owe.  However, I also realize that I need those potatoes to feed my family.  So I’m gonna go see Edwin today at the Silver Lake Farmers Market.  I’m gonna see what he has to say, gonna see whose yard I need to take a metaphorical shit on.  Then we’ll assess the situation and let y’all know how much shit that’s gonna need to be, and (sigh), if it’s doable, err. wipeable?  At any rate, should be fun.  TTFN twitches.



So we met with our friends over at the Sunset Junction Farmers’ Market (ed. note: because the produce is so superior to the 8 thousand farmers’ markets near Venice).  There was a split second there where Gorilla had to tell me to simma, but all in all it went meh…  From what I could surmise, dude is basically getting it from every angle.  He’s not the main guy, the main guy is this McKinley schmuck, but this guy, he runs the Sunset Junction operations, and so he’s the one dealing with everything.  Of the question “when will we get our money?”  He had no answer.  Of the question, “what steps are you taking to get people back their money?”  He had a very vague answer that involved the phrase “we’re working with people” and “we have make-up events” (err. farmers markets? ugh).  He also told me that my dog wasn’t allowed in the market, but my dog snapped at him, and he allowed him to stay.

My take away from this meeting was that a lot of people are about to get screwed here.  I’m gonna do my damndest to try and make sure we don’t get fully railed, but it may be one of those instances like I mentioned before, that just ain’t doable/wipeable.  It seems that this entity, Sunset Junction, is headed for what you can see in the newly added picture above.  So now we have a decision to make.  We can sit back and try and see if these people get their act together and make good on the promise that they made to get everyone compensated for their losses.  Or we can go with our gut, and try and act fast to get at this on a principle level.  Because my gut is telling me that all the guy did was regurgitate the same facts to me that I read in the LA weekly a week ago, but only his side’s half of it.  My gut tells me that I had to go all the way out to Silver Lake to find anything out because nobody at their organization has taken the time to contact us about our losses in any manner.  It’s quite an interesting conundrum, a crude hiccup for our little vessel to navigate.  We run a shoe-string budget as is, we feel all losses, none are big, because right now, we’re kind of small.  Hopefully in a year, this type of thing won’t mean diddly-squat to us, so that will make this post fun to look at in retrospect.  Gee willikers I can’t wait!


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