Yo!  If you came out to our Cinco de Mayo Party on the Cinco de Mayo then you might have seen a bunch of TV cameras posted around the rager.  They were from AXS TV, you know, Marc Cuban and Seacrests music channel, and there is a good chance you may see your face on AXS Live during the following week, as they will be broadcasting coverage of the party and the performances that took place each night this week.

The first group to be featured is Ivory Deville.  Their episode will air at 9PM PT on Monday night.  It will feature plenty of awesome and a whole lot of bad-ass-ness…  Here’s the schedule for the rest of the episodes featuring all six excellent bands that played our gig.

Monday, 5/6, 9pm Pacific, midnight Eastern
Ivory Deville

Tuesday, 5/7, 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern
The Record Company
The Diamond Light

Wednesday, 5/8, 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern
The Dustbowl Revival
The Highway Poets

Thursday, 5/9, 6:30 Pacific, 9:30 Eastern
The Dead Ships

GO HERE to find out what channel AXS TV is on at your house.  Then set your TIVO, sit back, and relive the heady good times.

Oh and Marc Cuban, let me know if you need me to take a private jet anywhere to do anything, or whatever, cause, you know, I can find some time in my schedule.