So I briefly talked about Jonny boy here before.  He’s my vagabond friend, we were talking about bums.  I’ve Known him for quite a few years at this point, which with guys like Jonny, floaters, half-drifters, fringe-livers, that’s rare.  In general, people pass in and out of our daily routines like films pass in and out of theaters.  We certainly lose contact with more people over the years than we make long lasting bonds.  Which is why it’s so rare, and real odd for me to say, but kind of meaningful, that this dirt-bag has been in and out of our various apartments and houses over the past six years.

                Now Jonny’s kind of fulfilling what I sort of assumed was in-store for him all along.  He’s hopping around the country in other people’s cars.  Sharing his brand of nonsense rambling with those unsuspecting enough to pick his shaggy-ass up or stumble across him in some watering hole he’s fallen into for the night.  It takes a lot of balls to do that.  To be alone with yourself in the unknown for that long.  Hat’s off to you Jonny (you crazy fuck).

               I hope you don’t run out of phone minutes.  I hope you keep ringing me up from couches on the side of the road when you’re drinking vodka and ice-tea at noon in places like Florence Alabama.  I hope you keep sending me pictures like the one above from Toledo (fuck’em), it looks like one of those spot’s where someone trekking across the country with themselves would think it apt to take a picture.  Seems like you had your headphones on for that one and were listening to some sappy garbage, like you tend to do.  Seems like you might have wrote a song about it later and bothered some innocents with your performance skills, which my neighbors once dubbed as “a bad Bob Dylan.”  I myself wouldn’t put your name and that name in the same sentence, but I’d leave the bad bit.

                That being said, you were always a fan of decent lyrics even if your own never made much sense.  So I can only imagine that lyrics are running around right beside you as you progress through your Annoy America Tour.  

               This got me to thinkin’, we’ve had some pretty brilliant acts up in this van.  Some pretty, as you-know-who would say, “phenomenal songs” have been played.  Having been there to hear all of them, I must re-emphasize my fascination with the ability of decent musicians to capture universal thoughts and emotions in song.  It sometimes works too seamlessly for comfort.  That being said, the shit we’re about to drop, this shit is going next level.  This shit should make it move. So I’m pretty excited for the weekend to get done with, because once next week comes, it’s a whole new ballgame for this here lil internet hub.

 Here’s some thoughtful clicks for you to tick when Lumbergh ain’t lookin’.

Track for the Day:  Tea Leaf Green – “Pretty Jane” off of Taught to Be Proud.  I’ll hold firm that if I can remember a time in my life years past when I played a song on repeat then it’s a decent song.

Links for the Day:

– “Look at me, do you feel me?  I l know you feel my frustration and intensity, and I know you wanna rock’n’roll tonight and fucking scream and party and if you are too shy you can just watch me and feel me!” – Don’t that just make you wanna READ BITCHES!

That lyric ish.

That heady good shit.

You blew it, but “where’d you put it?” – Goose Man.

– I will pass along a man’s self proclaimed “Sparkle-Horse Kick.”

– A “heady bouillabaisse” indeed.