Saw them Futurebirds from Gee-orrgia last niiight (ed. note: hope y’all read that wit’a’twang)…  They was good, damn good.

The show was at the Satellite, which used to be the Spaceland, but which I realized last night, whence noticing the pool table’s unique placement in the back of the room, and thinking “that’s pretty cool,” that I ain’t never been there.  Sevenish years here, never once there, not really sure why.  I’ve been to pretty much every other venue, many times over, but there was always some kind of force field surrounding the Satellite that blocked me from getting off of the couch whenever I thought to go there.  I guess that force field got switched off, or I got a little less lazy, somethin’.

Whatever it was, it found me sittin’ on a stool next to the Budaphest, working my way towards slurring my words, and watching a band that I’ve tuned into for the last couple of years.  Because they sing a southern sort of indie rock, so it’s kind of southern rock, and if that shit’s good, well then I like to listen to it.  If you haven’t heard Futurebirds gives’em a listen.  Perhaps try the Daytrotter session that they recorded back in 2010, I dig on that set a lot.

As for last night, they were in decent form (ed. note: their glorious beards were in stellar form), playing a good amount of songs I’d heard (ed. note: “Breathe for Days” and “Battle for Rome” were highlights) and a few that were newbies to me, they were all solid.  All of their songs are very climactic, which is meant to say that they could all be singles, in a fuzzy sort-a-way.

All five band members sing, but it was still tough to make out the vocals in that Satellite setting.  Budaphest told me that it was because we were sitting to the side and that we needed to stand in the middle to get better sound.  Of course he only told me this after the show, so I didn’t get to test it out.  The sound I got was suffice, considering I was able to sit the entire performance and see the band without needing to rise.  I was also from this vantage point able to assess the crowd (ed. note: as I so often do)(ed. note: go ahead and judge back, that’s what we’re there for).  To that I will say that Silverlake (ed. note: Los Angeles really), you did it again.  You went to some stupid bar or to see some bunk ass band instead of coming to see the good stuff.

There were about 50 in the room that got to see the bearded boys of Futurebirds shaking their heads as fast as they were ripping their guitars.  That lucky 50 didn’t seem to get into the headbang swing’a’things, cause they were doing their usual Silverlake-shuffle the feets back and forth dance moves (ed. note: fool, I’m cool enough whereby I don’t have to dance unless I’m at a cousin’s wedding or something)(ed. note: come see me about cool enough when you’ve got a Jam Van).  At any rate, there was some “ones” running around, a couple of ‘em were shakin’ but nothing epic.

Only epic shaking going on was from the band.  That’s cool though, that’s who I was there to see.  Well, them and the liquor…

Alright, well that’s all… OH NO WAIT, let me speak on this (ed. note: this concludes the portion of the blog that I attempted to keep free of profanity for the day to appease my Perfect Hippie friend)(ed. note: stupit’fuck’head’patchouli’pickin’tree-hugger).


Dear Community of Venice,

ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS WITH THIS SHIT!!!!  HOW? HOW? HOW?  You stupid fucking world!  I told you not to show me any publications about this guy unless it’s an obituary!  Unbelievable, dude is from Maryland, I’m from North Carolina, I went to college with him in Michigan, and I’ve been trying to lose him ever since I first met him, but somehow he pops up on my Neighborhood Council in California.  Venice, I hope for all of our sake that this council serves no purpose and is made up of Tree Man, the World’s Greatest Whino, and the rest of the dirt-bags, hippies, and nutsos, that fester on that strip of land we refer to as a boardwalk.  If that is the case then Kline will do well there.  They can all give each other STD’s and talk about stupid shit like 2012, and how fucking crazy they are.  Seriously though, this shit is blowing my mind…  I wish I had more time to explain, but I don’t.  Just Look at that Neandertal LOOK AT IT!

I fuckin’ can’t with this.  I need a bong hit, you got me all fucking worked up.  Good day sirs and madams!


Quote for the Day: Gorilla – “I will fuck a Scientologist up!”


Track for the Day: “Christine’s Tune” by the Flying Burrito Brothers off of the album The Gilded Palace of Sin.


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