I said it, that’s right, I got all warm and fuzzy and shit last night, it was friggin’ genuine (ed. note: if you will) and I patted mah’damn’self on the back for a thought well executed…  We wrapped up our second day of shooting with the Harmony Project, and let me tell you, that could not have gone any better than it did.  I mean, about four months ago when I thought of the idea of putting bands in the van with some kids accompanying them I realized that it could be a total mess and a total pain in the ass.  However, seeing as those are both adjectives that are interchangeable in describing myself, I decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it.
                Enter the Harmony Project and all of the wonderful folks over there who made this all possible.  They took my idea and made it a reality by passing the vision along to their very talented teachers and students, who all practiced very hard to learn the music that they performed the last two nights.  Thus, when Chali 2NA showed up outside of the Musicians’ Union last night it wasn’t him who was telling the kids what to play, but rather the kids tellin’ Chali what was about to go down.  The same went for our buddies The Muddy Reds, who were practically dumbfounded (ed. note: emphasis on the dumb) by the fact that people had actually taken time out to make sheet music for their tune “Waiting on Nicky.”  The Reds ain’t never had no sheet music before, so this was a one of a kind event not only for the Jam Van crew, not only for the kids, but for the musicians as well. 
                So that’s why I’m giving myself a little shoulder rub, cause I done good on this one, and because all of these shoots came out fantastically.  Look at those pictures above, that’s pretty much how Ii pictured this hootenanny going down, lots of smiles, lots of happy kids.  We did that.  We’re gonna keep doing it.
                I have to run and do my usual scramble to get stuff done so I can catch a plane routine.  We’ll be here, here, and here over the course of the next two weeks.  So if you’re in those places and you want to have fun, give us a shout.  These people gave me press access to all of these festivals, so basically, uh oh, here comes trouble!!!
Track for the Day:  “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James, from the album Her Best...
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Alright, I promise, shit is gonna get pretty much a lot more hectic from here out…  STAY TUNED FOR THE MADNESS!!!!  BEER CITY USA, Your Prodigal Son is about to return!