Take your bow Beer City

Begin: Beer City, USA

End: New Orleans

Our final day of Moogfesting would prove to be just as bad-ass as the two prior.  After finally getting caught up on my sleep I roused myself and my Gorilla in  time to make it over towards the tour bus unloading area.  There we stepped inside of Beats Antique’s fully customized tour-bus, and henceforth their fully-customized world.  They gutted their beast just like us and re-did the interior with stuff like counter-tops made from recycled paper and a giant donkey mask (ed. note: yup).  They told us all about their diverse backgrounds and musical journeys.  Two of them used to travel with the Yard Dog’s Road Show, which is excellent and weird in all of the correct ways.  I had to inquire as to how wild life on that tour was.  As expected, they said it was a trip.  As is apparently riding around the country in an eco’d out tour-bus that fuels itself on recycled cooking oil, and making your living belly dancing and playing world dub-step music.  Yeah, wrap your head around all of that while you sip your coffee and check your inbox…

Beats Antique - Damn Fun Folks...










Beats Antique invited us onstage for their set so that Go-Rilla could photograph them and so that I could stand on the stage and look out at my Beer City through my newly tinted journalist’s lenses (ed. note: Go-rilla, send those heads them pho-tos asap).

Belly Dancing is the tits...


Dude be Beatin... Huh huh huh huh...


Beat-Heads... Shit just writes itself... Ok, promise I'm done...








Our hours at Moogfest waning quickly, we had but just two folks left to talk to and just a couple things left to see.

Step one, was to catch Passion Pit, which I did, because they are bad, like M.J. before he was a petter-ass (ed. note: AKA a Nittany Lion) Bad, and because lead singer Michael Angelakos rocks out with an all white microphone.  I can’t put my finger on what exactly makes that so cool, but it just is.  Perhaps it’s the way the white works with the dark stage and the flashing lights, perhaps it’s because I had other things enhancing the situation and the white was just workin’ for me, I don’t know, but I do know that it was cool, and so was Passion Pit.  We made it to the show a bit late so we didn’t really have much time in the press pit.  Instead we mingled amongst the crowd, where a fine selection of freakily dressed whackadoos was offered up on this Halloween eve.  I myself was offered up several a street drug (ed. note: which I declined) in barter while perusing amongst the heads.  This was satisfying, because what after-all is a head show without street drug peddlers (ed. note: it’s a farmer’s market, basically)?

Tell me that white microphone doesn't look bad-ass!

From Passion Pit we skipped over to the Orange Peel to rap with Jason Haan of String Cheese Incident fame in the back green room where he’d just finished washing his balls after a sweaty set with his electronica side-project, EOTO.  Jason was a real genuine dude, and didn’t give off a hint of being in a massively big band at all.  In fact he talked to us about buying a house in Westchester by the airport rather than spend the exorbitant prices to live closer to Dog Town.   I know nothing of String Cheese Incident’s finances, I just assume they do well enough to live in Venice if they wanted, but dude was quite real, perhaps the most down to earth fella we’d met all weekend.  His new stuff with EOTO is definitely not like String Cheese, it’s fully electronic stuff, very robot-danceable.  This was actually one of the most interesting things that he talked about, that is, that his crowds change so much when he plays the EOTO shows vs. the String Cheese shows, and how weird it is to have such a younger fan-base now.  I’m not sure if I have a fan-base, if I do it’s only like 5 heads, but I hope that one day I too will be able to appeal to both over-the-hill hippies who like to spin, and teenaged hipsters who like to spin like robots.

Since everything has to end, so too must a Moogfests, which had of course proven to be a great thing.  Hats off to you Beer City, you party righteous nowadays.  So in fitting culmination, you selected Ghostland Observatory to wrap up the party.  A damn good choice, as those boys from Texas know how to throw the fuck down, and they know how to do it with a lot of lasers.

That was in fact really all I was interested in asking them about, where the fuck and when the fuck they got into lasers?  Basically they landed them years ago on a coincidence, because their other set lights were lost in transit, and they’ve had a laser guy on their team ever since.  I really wish we had a budget at the Jam Van.  The first thing I’d budget would be a laser guy, or at least a friggin laser.  Someone send me a laser.  Please.

They also told me how Thomas Turner (ed. note: synth man in Ghostland) is not actually Raymond.  What that means, is that he’s not the sketchy bunk ecstasy dealer that shade balls are confusing him for around the electronic music scene.  He told us he’d almost gotten jumped a few times on account of being mis-identified as this Raymond cat.  Gorilla and I both considered that this may have been a bullshit story, cause it kind of had that stink to it.  However, even before dude knew who I was and I was walking with his manager to go meet him, he told the manager “yo man, I gotta go outside will you come with me?”  When the manager replied that he’d be with him just as soon as he took me to the dressing room, Raymond, I mean Thomas said “nah man, I need you to just come,” and he had a for real look of concern on his face.  So if it was a joke, then hats off to Ghostland.  Not only is your show kick ass and your lasers awesome, but you also are pretty funny dudes.  If not, well then Raymond with the bunk x needs to man the fuck up and start fighting his own battles so that Thomas can worry about what he does best, keeping the kids thizz dancing.

This is Aaron Behrens lead singer of Ghostland Observatory. Basically what he's saying in this pick is "yo, my boy is not Raymond, Raymond, you are a punk buster."


Shaking the hands of Ghostland Observatory and wishing them good luck in Brazil was the last act that we partook of at Moogfest.  Sleep once again overtook our bodies, and in the morning we filled the car with a cooler full of food and a box full of unmentionables,  hugged mom’s and pop’s goodbye, gave the Betty Hound a pat on the head and put Beer City in the taillights.  Because it was Halloween, and we had sins to account for down in New Orleans.

Check back tomorrow, when the pictures get a little bit wilder, the stumbling a little bit more crooked, and perhaps even a cameo appearance, perhaps…

Track for the Day: “Good Fight” by American Aquarium off ofDances for the Lonely

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