I like these lyrics because they remind me of road trips, old friends, and the mysterious uncertainty the future brings…

–Adam Weiss, Jam in the Van Video Editor

This was supposed to be the desert, I’m confused, cause it’s cold
Seeking what sunlight reflecting off the moon, could expose
Took two, for the road
Drank three, in the zone
Drank four, to the dome
Couple hits from the bowl hit the road
But maybe we should’ve stayed, where we was
We hopped in thinking it never rains, but it does
And this is the loneliest stretch of road, we done seen
Two hundred miles to go and not a pole, in between
Don’t roll, don’t careen
Two hands, on the wheel keep control
I don’t know if I’m speeding or going slow, in a dream
Slidin’ in the shimmership, hidden by the riverbank
Hovering over the desert running out of real estate