Ed. Note, this may be stifled, I am attempting to defy the laws of gravity and scrabble this out from the desk of my day job (ed. note, my day job allows me to continue wearing my Levis with the hole in the crotch, so it ain’t gone be that stifled).

                So this was baby girl’s first weekend out and about.  Now mind you, she didn’t go too far.  It’s best to take lil’ steps at first.  It’s also best to put the current registration sticker on your license plate, but sometimes shit slips by you the first go around, 2009 was such a heady year anyways…

                For our first field trip we went about five blocks south of our usual stomping grounds, to the Venice Love Shack.  This place can best be described as a giant mound of bean bags, surrounded by a lot of kooky art.  If you’ve never been to a place like that, well then you just ain’t livin’ (listening to where we tell you to go!).

                So first off, Infantree, Tall Tales and the Silver Lining, Young Blood Hawke, Peter Leo, and Meiko, muchas gracias goes out your way for making the van sway back and forth real nice this weekend.  We had a blast.

               My next thanks goes out to our new Native American friend (pictured), we’ll call him Chief Needs’a’smack.  He rolled up on us during Tall Tales and the Silver Lining’s set, and it was immediately apparent that he was under the deep spell of the white man’s fire water.  It was uncertain as to whether or not he was riddled with small-pox, but if he was, the disease had not yet ravaged his dancing skills, as he put on quite the performance for us, both rhythmically and verbally.  It was unfortunate however that Chief Needs’a’Smack eventually noticed that our Gorillatographer was from a rival injun tribe, and things took a turn for the violent.  So rather than risk getting scratched by Chief Needs’ a Smack and contracting that Super G, I decided it was best to usher him away with the use of our steady cam pole (ed. note, looks like a crow bar)(ed. note, if you’ve never seen me chase a dude out of a lot with a pipe, best I can describe it is “gangster”).  Farewell Chief Needs’a’smack, we wish you well on your journey through the bottle of life.  Thanks for the memories, and the video footage.  We will cherish always.

                My final thanks goes out to the folks at Thinking About Tomorrow.  They rolled up on us at the Love Shack, liked what we were doing, and decided to invite us to come rock this thang:  RECESS, ADULT PLAYGROUND BENEFITTING THINKING ABOUT TOMORROW FOUNDATION.  I mean, for real?  Did they really just invite us to an “adult playground” with an “open bar?”  Yep, they sure did.  So folks, we will be there next Saturday, and assuming The Muddy Reds holler back (ya hear?), they will be there too, and they will be melting faces, and we will be melting faces, and yeah, phew, adult playground, damn, I really wish it wasn’t just Monday, cause I’m trying to you know, be thurr

                So I’m donzo with this for now, my super-hero type employment situation is maybe beckoning to me to do some shit.  East Floss Angeles, keep your eyes open tonight, you might see something wicked that way comin’.

Quote of the Day via Philthy:  “I’m healthy as an ox!”

Track for the Day: Modest Mouse – “Teeth Like God’s Shoeshine” from The Lonesome Crowded West.  Starts out all head-bang and angst riddled, then chills-out, head-bang, then chills out, such a good fucking song.

Links for the day:

These guys can kick it.

Good Shit.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, Bklyn via WHERE?  VIA WHERE?!  THAAAAAAAAAT’S RIGHT! VIA HERE!

I want this too, I fear I’ve failed.

For the Goose Man, cause I know he’ll like it.

A lil’ punk rock for your Monday morning.

I like the Shakes as a band name, strictly.

Los Angeles, these are your suggested shows for the week of 7/25 – 7/31:

7/25 – White Arrows at the El Cid – RSVP to get in fo’ free.  The El Cid is a pretty fun spot to get rowdy, and there is a high probability that there might be a van siting here.

7/25 – Crystal Antlers at the Echo – Fo’free.  H.V.P. (High Van Potential).

7/26 – Fucked Up at the El Rey –  They are Canadian’s, so for $18.00 you get to throw shit at’em.

7/26 – Bone Iver at the Shrine auditorium.  Go get your sentimental on.

7/26 – Langhorne Slim at the Echo – Lucky number $13.00, so like the price of a watered down drink in LA.

7/28 – The Henry Clay People at the Hammer Museum – Free if you like lines and don’t know anyone who knows someone who knows someone.

7/29 – Thurston Moore at the Troubadour.  Kurt Vile opens for him.  It be $20.

7/29 – Those Darlins, White Arrows, and Motopony at the Echo, a steal at $10.

7/29 – Los Lonely Boys at the Greek Theater, it might be pricey, but they have such flowing hair.

7/30 – Rage Against the Machine is playing at the LA Coliseum, there’s also some other bull-shit playing, but it’s pretty much a $70 Rage ticket (IMHO).

7/30 – Lord Huron at the Ghetty, fo’free.

7/30 – Yuck at the Troubadour, lucky number $13.00.

7/31 – Ziggy Marley at the Hollywood Bowl – Insert obligatory bowl joke here if you are going to drop that cash to see Ziggy zag.

7/31 – Neil Hamburger at the Satelite w/ special guest (huh, huh, special) – Eight bills (not balls) get’s ya there.