Aaaayo, these mahfuckas be back, back, back in DogTown. Nobody robbed our shit, so that’s what’s up. Jules is still getting in the right head-space, so baby girl remains a bit nekked, avert your eyes. 

Things seen/learned this weekend in Humboldt County:

When I’m seventy, if I’m ever seventy, I want to have a big-ass house, big enough that can’t nobody hear my loud-ass music. In my big ass house I’m going to do whatever the hell I want. I’m going to walk around in a dress shirt and no pants. I’m going to act completely inappropriate towards young ladies and insist that they wear bikinis or bra-tops when they enter my domain. I’m going to pass out old-ass whiskey and good-ass stew and bitch about whatever it is I feel like bitching about. Basically, I’m a do what I want.

If your parents gave you headlocks when you were 5 years old, smack them.

If you caravan on a road trip and you have fireworks and you don’t throw at least one of them at the car behind you then you didn’t perform at your optimal level. That being said, you should always have fireworks (if you are on a road trip).

Cops in California prefer the twinkle in my eyes much more than the cops in Tennessee. The point however, is that I keep the twinkle no matter where I’m at. You do the same cornbread-face.

Los Angeles, these are your recommended shows for the week of 7/6 – 7/10:

7/6 – Jackson Browne is playing a surprise show at the Satellite this evening with Dawes.  Tickets were $25.00, tickets were also gone faster than you can say queeb (which is how my Geologist says Queef)(What? You don’t have a geologist? Loser).  

– 7/7 – Eastern Conference Champions at the Hammer Museum. This shit is free, and by free I mean, you gonna have to show up early or wait in a long ass line. If time is money, this one might cost a bit.  

– 7/8 – Eddie Vedder at the Wiltern. Tickets are $80.00, say what you want, but if you say something stupid about Pearl Jam not being good, then you’re stupid, stupid.  

– 7/9 – Dust Bowl Revival at The TownHouse in Venice.  Shit be free I do believe…

– 7/9 – Best Coast at the Getty Center, fo’free

Track of the Day:  Champion Angel by the Low Anthem off of Oh My God Charlie Darwin.  Play it really loud when you’re driving or running, or stationary biking (ugh).

Link(s) for the Day: 

Dedicated to mah’dawg, RZA the Chicken Hound