This weekend continued what I would phrase to be a rut, and a poorly placed one at that.

Although there was plenty of music to be had, I chose to pay homage to another of my favorite hobbies, yelling at big black dudes in uniforms on the TV screen. Thank goodness for one of the greatest college football games in recent history. Thank goodness that the Big Blue did not lose to Touchdown Jerkoff. That would have been a bit much for me to handle, given the roller coaster nature of the fourth quarter of that game and given that I had been shamwowed by my roommate into watching the game at the alumni bar in Santa Monica. Although the ambiance was quite lacking for my taste (ed. note: classy and refined). the fact that the hottest chick in the bar was wearing Wisconsin gear did make it feel just like watching the game in Ann Arbor.  However, for most of the contest I found myself wedged between a bunch of obnoxious juice monkeys, which necessitated that I render a steady buzz to my system. At the end of the game I was high fiving an obese man whom I’d never met before, me because I’d lost my friends and was too tipsy to give a fuck, him because he had no friends. So, that was all a high point for the weekend.

I got shamwowed again by my own stupid self when I went to dinner last night. Somehow, (ed. note: and I say somehow knowing all too well that the “how” is simply the mere fact that I am me), I managed to lose yet another bag of squeef through simple pure absentmindedness. The details surrounding all of this are hazy. All that is certain is that somewhere in K-town there are some K-ladies at a Ko-Rean BBQ restaurant getting lit. I always tell myself that I have to stop doing stupid things like that, but I tell myself this all the while knowing that I will no doubt do stupid things like that again. Do y’all have this same issue? Or is this just a me thing?

What’s saddest about it all, is that I was trying to do a good deed, or I guess a semi-good deed depending on how you look at it. The baggie was meant for a friend who just lost his father, and had asked somebody to ask me to help them out. So, my heart was in the right place, unfortunately, my head was in it’s usual place, the clouds.

Speaking of clouds, or rather of homeless amigos who send me pictures of clouds on the often… Crazy Jonny made it back to Tucson Arizona.  I know this by way of a message he left me via his HoboBerry… It simply said that he was back and that he’d call me later. I must report that this was a rather anticlimactic end to what I assumed would be a rather anti-climactic saga.  He didn’t get stuck on the East Coast, he isn’t in jail, he didn’t pop up in the news at all, he isn’t missing, so shit, what was the point? I guess I’ll have to await his next phone call to find out.

At any rate, I say all this not to say anything profound or meaningful about death, or life, or hobos, or anything really. Rather to say that I was extremely bored this weekend, and stupid-ass Gorilla face needs to get the fuck back to California RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

Have a blessed fuckin’ Monday (ed. note: “blessed” that’s what they say in NC), watch our Gorilla video, I hope it will make you smile.  It makes me smile, but then I frown, because I’m fucking bored and I ain’t got no partner in assholery to run around with right now!

P.S. if you want to know where the best place to train your child into a 1980’s movie superstar, here it is:

Los Angeles these are your recommended shows for the week of 9/12 – 9/18:

– 9/12 –  Big Black Delta at the Satellite Fo’Free

– 9/12 – The Givers at the Troubadour for 15 bones

– 9/13 – St. Vincent at Space 15 Twenty

– 9/13 – The Gourds at the Echo for $12.00

– 9/14 – The White Buffalo plays the Bootleg fo’free (I think)

– 9/14 – The Joy Formidable and Races at the El Rey for a $20 sac.

– 9/14 – The Moondoggies at the Echo for Ocho buckos

– 9/14 – Fleet Foxes and the Walkmen at the Greek Theater for a well worth it $35 bones...

– 9/14 – Peter Hook performing Joy Division’s “Closer” at the Music Box for $22.00, or you could just listen to the album on your stereo and ride the dragon.

– 9/14 – Cracker performing Kerosene Hat at the Satelite for 20 bones…

– 9/15 – Robbers on High St. and the Allah Las at the Roxy for $10.00

– 9/16 – Peter Hook performing Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” at the El Rey for $22.00

– 9/15 – Surfer Blood at the Echoplex  for $15.00 and well worth it…

– 9/16 – Eastern Conference Champions at the Satellite for $10.00, also well worth it.

– 9/16 – The Muddy Reds open up for Big Dick at the Bootleg for $8.00.

– 9/17 – Don Henley at the Greek Theater aaay mami! tickets be spensiiiiive….

– 9/17 – The Delta Mirror at the Bootleg for 1o bones…

– 9/17 – There is a band called “Stripper Pussy” playing at the Smell for 5 bucks.  I have no knowledge of this band other than the fact that their name kicks ass…

– 9/18 – No Age does a DJ set for Part Time Punks at the Echo for $10.00, there’s some bands playin’ too, but meh…

– 9/18 – James Blake at the Fonda which is sold out so I won’t even list the price because if you don’t have a ticket you’ll be paying more for your dubness…


Track for the Day: Born Ruffians, “I’m One of those Girls” off of their self titled album…

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