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So contrary to popular (ed. note: haters’) beliefs, I am actually allowed to be around children.  In fact I was a sub-par camp counselor for like 3 years in my younger days, learnin’ the kiddies on how to properly shoot a jump shot and then properly trash talk following your basket…  I mention this because last night the folks from Jam in the Van played with children (ed. note: aaaw hell that did not come out sounding right). 
What I meant to say is that we pulled our beast into the lot of the Musicians’ Union in Hollywood, CA and met up with our old pals from Dawg Town the Dustbowl Revival on account of we were set to make some Jam Van magic.  Unfortunately the Musicians’ Union has strict rules about filming in their lot, and seeing as we obviously didn’t show up with a permit, well we had to figure out a new plan.  Enter the “side of the road plan,” whereby we park the van out front of the union on a fairly busy portion of Vine Street, stretch every possibly extension chord that we can find to their maximum limit, and pray that we don’t blow the power out (ed. note: which we did, but where there’s a Jam Van there’s a way, so we found that damn fuse box and re-set’er). 
Why did we go to all of this trouble just to film the Dustbowl Revival who have already gotten their go-around in the van you ask?  Well because they were joined by some pretty special guests.  That’s right, three very talented, very well practiced, very happy young middle-schooler’s who take lessons at the Harmony Project jumped into the van with their violins in tow and got to rockin’ (ed. note: folk rockin’ that is). 
We stuffed 11 human bodies inside of Old Bessie last night, and boy howdy did she sound smoove!  Don’t believe that’s possible?  Well you’ll just have to wait for the videos to come out and judge for yourself.  When they do drop, you shall be treated to plenty of happy smiles and laughs that will help make your basis of judgment pretty simple.  That’s because this was one of those feel good occasions that most people would probably not expect a dirt-bag like me to have masterminded.  Well here’s the thing, I did, so sucks to yous!  Oh, and tonight, we’s doing it all over again with Chali 2NA from Jurassic 5 and those pre-school teachers in training The Muddy Reds (ed. note: Nick probably has to stand 50 feet away from the van with his guitar on account that he most likely actually isn’t allowed to be around kids).  If I had to guess (ed. note: which I dont), I’d say that this is gonna be another warm and fuzzy kinda feel good type situation.  You know, the shit my mama likes to tell her friends that I did, not the other stuff that she has to tell them…
Alright, that’s all I got, I’m pretty burnt out, and it’s from actually doing stuff this week, so that’s a new one…
Track for the Day:  “Concrete School Yard” from the album Jurasic 5 by Jurassic 5…duh…

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