This is going to be quick, because I am swamped like the epic stank box Gorilla once told me his friend encountered in Hungary (ed. note: woooah way off track already)…  At any rate, what is there to talk about today?  Well, other than fact that Gorilla and I are going to be hob-knobbing with the real RZA and Chuck D tonight at their fancy art soire.  Yeah, that’s right we got invited to “Come Together,” which is a classy Beverly Hills art show (ed. note: yeah, we blend) featuring collaborations with Page Hamilton, the RZA, Stephen Perkins, George Lynch, Chuck D, Rick Allen, Shavo Odadjian, Bootsy Collins, Matt Sorum, DJ Qbert, Angelo Moore, Frankie Waddy, and TLC…  It should not only be culturally stimulating, but it shall give me the perfect chance to thank the RZA for inspiring me to give my dog a name that gets him compliments wherever he goes, the RZA.

                Speaking of the dog RZA, he had himself a day at the salon yesterday.  I mention this not because you give a shit that my dog got a haircut, but because it leads to something else.  You see, every time his fur-ball-ass gets re-styled he assumes kind of a new personality for a little bit.  When he had his mo-hawk he was kind of a punk-rock asshole, when he had a crew cut he was kind of a timid little bitch, when he has his afro he’s kind of a loud ass putz who yaps about nothin’ all day and night, and when he has his dread locks covering over his eyes and shit, well he acts like a stoned out space cadet that can’t see five feet in front of him, which he can’t.  My point herein is that he goes through a metamorphosis every time he gets trimmed. 

                Now in recent months there have been the re-emergence of some popular bands that we hadn’t heard from for quite some time.  The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blink-182, and Bush, were sadly all a predominant part of the soundtrack to my adolescence.  So it’s interesting to see the ways in which they have resurfaced into the contemporary music scene.  I see that regardless of the fact that they have not stopped sucking, Blink-182 still gets millions of hits on their videos.  I also see that Gavin Rossdale has swerved fully away from anything that might have sounded cool back in the day (Machine Head, Glycerine, etc..) and gone all the way Creed with Bush’s new shit.  The Chili Peppers on the other hand have a bad-ass new album that kind of reminds me of their older shit like .  Their new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer (ed. note: not to be confused with my old anti-semetic redneck neighbors the Klingers) twerks the shit out of his axe with a bit more of an experimental style than the old slinger used to play, and it really juices up this new album..  The Chili Peppers, be they mainstream, or whatever the fuck, always seem to find an interesting way to adapt their sound and make every album unique, so it was not a surprise that their new album came out sounding different than anything they’ve ever done.  They are and always will be bad-ass.

                OK, that’s all I’ve got right now.  Terrible post, I know, but I told you I had to be quick.  Such is the curse of having to pay bills.  I promise from deep down in the bottom of my wee’ittle’heart that tomorrows post will be filled with genuine idiocy of the kind that can only be achieved by taking it to the streets.  Ciao.



Quote for the Day:  Some obese woman in a nurses outfit trying to pawn her ticket to see Journey on the show “Hardcore Pawn” (ed. note: amazing program) – “This is journey, you know?  Journey only comes like once in a lifetime” (ed. note: god I wish that was the case).


Track for the Day:  “Back in the USA” by the MC5 off of the album with the same title...  cause I’m feelin a’ll patriotic an’ shit (ed. note: not really).


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