Aaaah snaps, I’m singin’ that Monday song, and it sounds about as good as Nikki Minaj winning best “hip-hop” video at the MTV VMAS (ed. note: bet me that hip-hop wouldn’t rather get gonorrhea).  The weekend however, for the Jam Van and its associates was not so upsetting, even if we came riding into it on a wave of discontention.    

                We got a shipment of shades and a shipment of Chach (see above), and even if there wasn’t going to be a hipster phestival in the streets, we were gonna find a way to make mischief somehow or another.  

                So we made our way to Silver Lake after all (ed. note: had to get our money back from those horn-swagglers)(ed. note: def. didn’t get it all)(ed. note: lawyer up bitch).  Figured since we were over that way anyways, and since I had to find my dread-hound a place to rest his head for a while, it would be alright to stroll on down to Dangerbird Records and check out the gig that they got goin’ on, all hustle like, when the Junction went bang, boom, done.  The show was hosted by Dangerbird, 98.7, and (ed. note: looks ma, no comment), and it took place in Dangerbird’s back yard, which is a very nice space. 

                Of the music that we saw, The Fling, into Vanaprasta, took a break for a beer next-door, then checked out Milo Greene, before hitting the road, our take is this:  The Fling sounds fine if you like the sound of one of those bands that sounds like a band that you say “eh, they sound like every other band.” 

                Vanaprasta, whom we’ve learned are very adept at playing in sweltering heat, put on the most gangster set of the day, or at least of what we saw, and we can’t imagine these guys or Butch Walker tore shit up any harder than Vanaprasta.  They opened up with a sick G-, during which guitarist Cameron Dmytryk was bouncing around the crowd with a set of sleigh bells.  When he tried to make his way back onto the stage, the security guard wrapped his ass up in a bear-hug and trucked him down.  The mistake was of course rectified by our host, and Vanaprasta continued on with their set.  The moment no doubt could go down in flipsta lore, if at this same time next year we’re watching these dudes light it up on the MTV VMA’s.  Because that shit happens you know?  One minute you’re playing a back yard lot and the VMA’s are some un-cool-bull-schwa, and the next minute you’re on the VMA’s and that goody bag looks legit.

                The last set we caught was Milo Greene, and they sounded as lovely as ever.  You could tell that the crowd dug their set.  The band smiles to their audience real nice, and they throw out a warm vibe, sometimes pretty unique for an often chilly scene. 

               As for that scene, well, I still have my gripes.  I will however say that it was a nice party, a nice event, and they raised money for a nice cause.  I appreciate that y’all let me bring my dog inside the venue.  He appreciated all the chicks that he got to lay on and drool on.  I appreciate all the folks that came up and said hi, and all the folks who remember that the RZA was named the RZA and said hi to him too, he’s full of himself, so he likes that.   You couldn’t beat the price, and there was a solid amount of ones floating around.  So buddy-o, I will commend you on throwing a decent show, I will not mock that.

             As for what I will mock, well, I’ll make it pithy, show-goers, Los Angeles music enjoyers, why can’t y’all be more fuckin’ rock-and-roll?  I’m not talking about the music..  The music is whatever, there’s all types of music out there, I’ll listen to it all, and some of what was played on Saturday was certainly rock-and-roll, but the crowd, jeepers that crowd.  Y’all got a venue that is a private friggin’ lot, and it’s not that crowded, but it’s a good enough crowd to call it a party, and yet, all I smell in the air are American Spirits, all I see people doing is drinking some kind of water infused with some bullshit.  When Vanaprasta asked y’all to get wild for “Self Indulgent Feeling” I saw about two dudes from Young Blood Hawke and the RZA getting wild.  The Young Blood Hawked dudes, because they knew what “get wild” meant, and the RZA because the ground was too hot for his paws and he couldn’t stand in one place very long.  Now I’m by no means advocating doin’ funny stuff, but I am advocating snatching a lil’ edge back LA, because that place was ripe for a good time, and in the end it was just pretty fun.

            Anyways, we made up for it on Sunday when we marauded through the beach cities in our Bessie.  Being that there was no festival, we had a lot of “throw stuff at people time” to make up for.  So we let Gorilla put on his costume and run wild around the promenade and the boardwalk.  That footage will surely be forthcoming very soon.

           Lastly, I hope a good number of you are as relieved as I am that Justin Bieber managed to salvage the VMA’s last night with his speech.  You see, while most of the other winners/cultural icons only thanked God for their award, Justin remembered to thank both God and God’s son, Jesus.  That was thoughtful of him, and probably kept the world from blowing up.  Thank @#@$$ (ed. note: we don’t take that shit in vein over here at JITV mah’bitches),

y’all have a kick-it Monday now, aight…



Quote for the Day:  Our Geologist, while sitting in a room with 4 dudes, watching a show called Jigalos, one of the said Jigalos is about to get a colonic: “Wait, go back, I want to see if poop comes out…”  Lil’ slice of our life for ya’.

Track for the Day:  Widespread Panic’s “Space Wrangler” off of the album with the same name.  “Squirmin!”

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 Los Angeles, these are your selected shows for the week of 8/29 – 9/4
8/29 – Unknown Mortal Orchestra at Bardot, fo’free with RSVP

8/29 – Active Child at the Echo fo’free

8/29 – Tapes’n’Tapes at the Satellite for a lucky $13.00

8/30 – The Allah Las play their last residency night at the Echo fo’free

8/30 – The Damn Sons open for someone called JJams at the Satellite for $10.00

9/03 – FYF FEST tix are $35.00