Went back to see my girl YoLanda at the DMV today (see her in all her beauty above). My appointment was for 11AM, I showed up at 11AM, my BuddhaPhest in towe. All went smoove as butta, and guess what? No seriously, guess what? BABY GIRL IS STREET LEGAL!!!! Oh mah’gooness, oh mah’word, oh mah, oh lorday. It’s really just a lot to take in all at once.

Now mind you, I ain’t gone be behind the wheel. So all you dumbasses making jokes already, stop making them. I don’t drive RV’s, I’d prefer not to drive a car, but I have to.  So I have to drive those into telephone poles and the like, because well, I like things with character, so my cars, they all have character (if you say they are beaters your mom is a beater)(my mom is a beautiful angel). That being said, I will be the shotgun passenger, and I will anticipate talking to the police on the often. So we are now accepting any over under bets on how many times I have to pull down the front of my shirt and wink at Officer Krupky

Ok, the Captain is signaling that it’s time to celebrate Baby Girl’s big day, so I’m a bid t.t.f.n..

Check ya’laaaaaaaater

Track for the Day: Lou Reed Halloween Parade off of New York. Because everyone needs a little Lou Reed in their lives.  

Link for the Day: They filmed this all on a Windows Phone. That is wild. Fuckin’ wild. Gimme my Goddamn EtchaSketch, I’m scared.