So after it was evident that Sunset Junction was fully put-down to rest, the various flipsta venues and entities throughout “da’scene” got in a mad scramble to book some of the acts that were still stuck strumming in town even without a festival.  There are shows this weekend at all of the usual venues, featuring a good handful of the acts that would have been seen.  It’s a nice effort I suppose, but as I have with many things, I’ve got issues with the fix.

                For starters, this was hardly the 1980’s/1990’s movie ending solution that this situation warranted for.  Having a few scattered concerts with admission prices trumping that of what a day at the festival would have cost is not really making me want to rush back out to Silver Lake this weekend.  Charles Bradley + Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at the Echoplex is a great show, and on any other week I could be easily seduced into dropping $22.00 on that stub, but this week it seems a little tougher to cough up. 

                I mean, the festival was $20.00 a day, so doesn’t that extra $2.00 seem a little symbolic?  What’s the necessity for that extra $2.00?  Is it just to rub it in?  Because I’m pretty sure everyone’s getting paid regardless.  These venues were gonna have shows regardless, now they’re just having bigger shows.  Hopefully that extra $2.00 went to the bands, and hopefully to the ones that needed it the most.

                There is actually one Junction-make-up event that is free of charge.  That’s the Dangerbird Records party that they are hosting in their lot.  It’s being put-on by Dangerbird, 98.7, and Jam Van fav’s…  It’s got the feel of a SXSW party to it, and there are some pretty good acts playing, including Vanaprasta and Milo Greene.  There will also be one act present on the bill that simply adores us, Chasing Kings, so if we do make our presence felt, I’ll have lots of hugs to pass around to all my buddies, or at least to two guys who probably got together and talked some real pretentious flipsta-ish on me.  They won’t be my sole reason for coming though, nor will the music.  If I go, a big part of me is going because I’m curious as to how crowded it will get, and how bothered the locals and local authorities will get as well?  Given that, you know, they didn’t want Coachella in the streets and all...

                At any rate, I guess I’ll just have to come to terms with the fact that we are not living in a 1980’s flick, and that it’s tough to get shit done in Los Angeles.  There will be no great big fix, there will be no field to put the festival in, we will not build it, and it will not come.  So make the best of what’s been offered up, there is most certainly music to be heard, and there’s always trouble to be made.  It just won’t be in the streets this weekend.  Not with permits, and contracts, and douche-bags, and ass-hats cloggin’ shit up and making a situation that was a lot more convoluted and complex than I’m interested in thinking about. 

                Speaking of complexes, my friend Bate (ed. note: first name not Master) just split from town today.  He had a nice stay out in sunny California, but now he’s headed back to NYC to surf the hurricane streets.  Before he went he got to crank the Jam Van generator and go for a scoot around town with us.  There I asked him if he remembered back in middle school and high school when people would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up, and I would say that I wanted to drive around in a Jam Van and write about it.  He said that he didn’t remember that at all (ed. note: I don’t remember him having a good memory).  He is however studying to be a therapist, and he was trying to bootleg analyze me all weekend.  Aside from making the brash and profound assessment that “you’re messed up dude,” he said that I have a Peter Pan Complex. .  To that I say, thanks Bate-dawg, I don’t know shit about shit whereby complexes are concerned, but I’m pretty sure that complex is a rad one and it’s the one that best fits my chosen occupation.  So, when you get your analyze mah’fucka’s degree, you come back and stay on my couch, and we’ll see if I’m still flyin’ about in Never Neverland…  Good golly Miss Molly I hope to bejebus I am…

Track for the Day: The Henry Clay People, “You Can be Timeless,” off of For Cheap or for Free.

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