Yo heads, all the heads, what’s happenin? Ha, you dunno what’s happenin’, you’re sitting at a computer too.   So I’ll tell you what’s happenin’, Jam Van’s got a new method to invade your headspace,that’s what’s happenin’. I stumbled upon this thang while procrastinatin’ with the Twat-ter. Now understand that I don’t fully understand the Twatter yet (I’m not just saying this to sound cool, I don’t, so shut up). I know that the stuff that I follow pops up on my thingy. I only follow 7 thingies. My record right now (at this very early date mind you), is 23 following me, to 7 that I follow. That’s getting to the dance, that’s, I’d take that, my teams all suck, so I’d fuckin’ take 23-7. However, in the bougie-ass Twatter realm 23-7 is not impressive.

Case in point: this dude, has got 383,093 followers.

I’m not saying anything more to explain it, dude has 383,093 followers, and the Jam Van has 23. You think about who’s more fun to follow and get back at me. 

The other thing with the Twatter is that I don’t have too much that I need to impart through it that could really be of that much use to any of my devoted followers (all 23). I mean, yeah, a million brilliant lines and thoughts stroll through my mind every minute, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume y’all don’t much give a rats ass lest they benefit you in some way.

So roundabout to my original point, this thing, I found it on the Twatter, and it’s going to help revolutionize my Twatting. If any of you remember I-Meem, then you remember that I-Meem was pretty damn sweet, until of course MySpace came along and made it some tacky-ass Daytona Beach type bogus. That’s why they got theirs.

Now there’s this thing, this Blip.FM, it’s kind of I-Meemish (kind of because it’s not as cool). It does however have a feature that allows me to blip at my Twat and that shit twits, and y’all (having just now run out to go follow me on the Twat feed) will be able to see selected tracks that I deem worthy of passing along. So that way you can use the Twatter to not only follow some second rate Japanese Astronaut who’s making some bullshit history, but to also dip into my very refined, very heady musical instincts. Which I will offer to you at no cost.

You really didn’t have to read any of that.  You just HAVE TO follow me on Twatter!  It will do wonders for my humble ego.

This just in, I’m 24-7 now ya’bitchfinks. Hallelujah.

Track for the Day – The Felice Brothers – Cincinnati Queen (White Limo) off of the very good Mix Tape Album – Blast this really loud when you don’t want to hear yourself.

Links for the Day:

Time Lapsed didn’t it?

Everyone gets inspiration from somewhere else.

It was a play this type of day, call yourself a bitch and give it a shot if you need it (cause you know… Take it away cliché).  

Y’all be good now, ya’hear?

*This add was paid for by the stupid fuck-birds at Twitter.