Actual conversation between the Captain and I:

Captain: “Man dis, you see dis shit you just put on, it’s, it’s like just as gay as the other shit I had on. It’s just white people gay though.”

Me: “It’s the Rolling Stones.”

And there you have it folks. Everyone has opinions. I like the Rolling Stones. Captain Jack thinks they are “gay” and prefers Licky Lee (ed. note the use of the word “gay” was in its colloquial form as a negative connotation, not hateful speak, we only hate trannies) (ed. Note, we love trannies, especially the one on the Real World).

I’m not sure what category of gay Licky Lee falls under, if the Rolling Stones are “white people gay.” Perhaps it’s albino people gay, I don’t know. My point is, even though Jack has horrible opinions and my taste is impeccable, we can still coexist. So everyone go hug someone. Arab boy, go hug Jew boy. Crip boy, go hug blood boy. All of you, go hug your mothers (ed. note: crip and bloog girls, arab and jew girls feel free to hug as well).

In other news, Jules is on her way to swathe the Jam Van in flava, so next time you hear from us we’ll be a bit more flossy.

Jam Van out.

Link for the Day: Dedicated to Jack