Got nothing.  One of those days.  Not remorseful about it.  We got productive.  Things were hacked away at.  As you can see from the picture above, all is well and normal at our house.

Oh, wait, ha, learned that if you’re disturbing the peace, you’re disturbing the peace.  Doesn’t matter who is judging that peace.  Guess who told me that?  No, go on, you guess…  Alright, lazy ass, it was Officer Skinner, that kinky (omitted), she had to be as illogical as the rest of ‘em.  Whatever, I’ve never put much faith in folks who at best peaked in high school.  We’ll get through this, all of us together.  

In other Jam in the Van news, stay dialed in and on the ready, our first ever mix-tape is dropping soon.  Jack personally hand selected and painstakingly mastered every track on there so that they are at their highest levels of headiness.  We’re about to be one of those web-sites that you play music from everyday, so this is just the jump-off.

Quote for the Day:  Young Master Riff Raff –  “Man, I would just get that bird, and put headphones on it, and blast that dub-step in it’s ears.  Then it would just be straight oom-thizzing all day.”  Then he made his iguana-call noise and went to buy goldfish for the turtles to eat.

Track for the Day:  Ramblin Rose” by the MC5 off of Kick out the Jams, HEADBANG, 2-3 Advil, HEADBANG MORE.   

Links for the Day:

Some people see something like this and think about Nirvana.  I see it and think about middle school, Beavis and Butthead, hood rat girls fighting each-other at AMS and ripping out weaves.  To each their own.  

I’ve always liked Atlanta.  I did some damage there once or twice.  Not enough.  Soon though.  

Paris, Texas, meh, Roadside Graves, yeh.  

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Wearing a Knicks jersey, nuff said.  Thizz your faces off.