Today I will be brief, as there is a hippie cramping my fucking nerves right now, and I have to go smack him with a patchouli laced broom. Take from that what you will.

My question, as referenced in the title text is this: Have any of y’all, (and by y’all I mean those of you who live in Los Angeles) had the pleasure of trying to listen to the radio while driving in the late night hours in our fair city?

Alright, wait, let me back-it-up a hit to give those of you not in the greater Los Angeles area or not familiar with its radio frequencies some reference. The radio here is boot to begin with, and I know radio in general is boot, but we’re in LA, this is one of the spots for music, this is where the radio should be decent. It’s not though. We’ve got like 3-4 functioning stations on a good day. By functioning I mean the DJ’s speak in English and they don’t keep Taking Back Sunday on repeat. Oh, and mind you, this is excluding hip-hop stations, because that’s just a whole different ebonics speakin’ realm to itself. I wouldn’t dare cross T-Pain and so I’m not gonna take that swing.
The stations that serve a functional purpose for the music listening sect (ed. note: everyone) are KXLU, 98.7, and to a lesser extent KCRW (ed. note: IMHO). There’s a couple other’s out there, Jack-Ass FM, the Sound (ed. note: ooooh), the “world famous” (ed. note: scoff) KROQ, but I don’t really fuck with them because they play U2 and I’m not trying to stumble upon some Bono shit, get freaked out, and flip the drop top on my head (ed. note: Bono = Splat). So that sets the scene, you get that there is a bare bones selection of radio stations to begin with.

KXLU is actually quite good for a solid part of the day and night. The weekend it’s all Espanol, but for your daily commute they provide the best bang for your buck during the week, even if you have to wade through some really odd, fuzz, nonsense, you’ll still get the pleasure of a radio station that will play Built to Spill, Jay Reatard, the Rolling Stones, Miles Davis, it’s eclectic, get it?

I only recently discovered 98.7, and they quickly made it onto my programmed buttons. They play rock and roll, you get the occasional bullshit, it’s a bit more with the current than KXLU but they have the “Close to Home Series” and overall they’re pretty hip to it.

As for KCRW, this station is half NPR, half music. It’s a lot of Lykke Li esque stuff, a lot of international stuff, a lot of soft stuff.

So now I’ll get to my original question. Which had to do with the late night radio around here, specifically KCRW and KXLU, because they are both guilty of this offense.  The offense being, that at night they turn into some kind of fucked-up computer-thizz-music (ed. note: not the good type) only playing stations. I mean, it’s all fucking techno, dissident, ridiculous trance music and I don’t friggin’ get it. Every time it comes on I’m thinking to myself, who the fuck is listening to this? Especially in the car in the middle of the night, who the fuck is dropping x pills and rolling while they’re rolling? Because the only motherfuckers whom I could understand tolerating this noise pollution sober would be robots, because this shit be some robot music type shit.

By all means, correct me if I am wrong and if you are the dude and/or dudette that is sitting in some futuristic elevator somewhere listening to this ding-ding-buzz-bip bullshit, but I don’t think that futuristic elevators even exist yet, so I’m not quite sure why major radio stations in Los Angeles are fucking with futuristic elevator music.  If anyone has any light that they can shine on the after midnight hour radio station situation in Los Angeles, and by that I mean, if someone can explain to me how and why that shit gets played when there are like 70 gagillion non-robot music songs to choose from, then I will give you a t-shirt. Not a Jam in the Van T-shirt, because you probably don’t like our music if you’re into the Now this is Cyborg Music collection, but I’ll give you a t-shirt of some sort. Anyways, that’s that question, answer it.

The other order of business today was the not so serious offer. It’s not so serious in that it’s going to be funny, not that I’m not serious about the offer, which is this:

Do you see those two pictures of poems just above this post? I took those while walking around my local this past weekend. They are both quite moving, and their diction and syntax could not be more powerful. So seeing this proper street poetry inspired me to think of a contest. The person who sends the best street poem picture to will win 2 passes to Sunset Junction. That’s right, just send us your finest piece of bum lit and we will get you into the Junction. FO’FREE!

Track for the Day: “Eighteen with a Bullet” by Pete Wingfield off of Breakfast Special.

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