Gooooood morning thizz-heads.  Quick question, which one of you un-liked us on the Zuckerbook?  Oh, I suppose you wouldn’t be reading this if you un-like us.  The rest of you bite you’re tongues if you’re rolling your eyes.  They got me workin’ that thing (out) and so I know that number, I know it cold.  Sad as that may be, it’s a big part of what we got goin’ on here .  Y’all did that, not me.  I’m coming along rather tardy to the party and I must say, I’m quite fascinated. 

Mind you, I said fascinated, not intrigued.  It’s not so much the contents of the Zuckerbook, but rather the system of it that fascinates me.  There are so many little intricacies to it, so many variations, so many perturbing settings and nuances.  Take for instance what I learned yesterday about the Twat-Bird (which is the same shit as far as I’m concerned).  Now this seems so blatantly obvious, but I don’t recall any other ass-holes or twat aficionados alerting me to this revelation:  you need to follow to get followed.  Duh, right?  Wrong.  So now I’m raking’ them in.  I’ve got a slight losing record, but that’s only momentary. 

So coming full circle here, the un-like button was hit, you took me from 351 – 350, a very round number.  Now, not that I don’t know every single one of our adoring fans, but I would have had to search the whole list to figure out who it was, and I had better things to do with my time.  I know that soon our number will be large enough to where I’ll stop being so constantly curious about it and can worry about other things (like the Princess Party we’re gonna throw for Dubin’s birthday).  However, until then I’m going to have to resist the urge to grab my Gorilla Sgt., hop in the bat mobile and come Jay and Silent Bob anyone who dares to hate.  Instead, I’m gonna take the opportunity afforded by this nice round number, and start a nice round game. 

– First thizz-head (or other, if there is such a thing) to have 7 people like us on the Zuckerbook and claim that you were their inspiration, will receive a free t-shirt. 

– Upon hitting Mile-stone #500 likes on Zuckerbook, the first person with the most “like” assists will get two t-shirts an autographed CD, something funny said about them in a video, and a pair of panties from Jack’s collection.

– We don’t care how you have people alert us to your assist, or how you alert us, as long as you alert us.

Track for the Day – Warren Haynes – Soulshine, any version, they are all great, I’ll go with this one for today, because I was there, it was 10 AM, it was a hell of a time.  

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– Drove half way across the country in a day to see panic over halloween back in my college years…  Car broke down in Youngstown, OH…  It was there that the epic “Psycho Kline Doesn’t Change his Undies” story came about….  twit at my twatter if you want the 411 on that one… p.s. you really don’t.  

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