So when you birth a brainchild such as the Jam Van, certain details and issues that should have been accounted for at the onset of planning tend to fall by the wayside amidst the excitement and commotion created by the initial idea.  With our lil’ situation, one of those things that we didn’t think about beforehand was that it ain’t so easy to locate a place or a person to service the mechanics of a 1982 Winnebego Itasca, which is what baby girl is at her roots.  Underneath all of the Mucking and magic, she’s just a Winney, and she’s paid her dues to society, so sometimes she needs a little check-up.             

                Sometimes, like when her gas pedal repeatedly sticks to the floor while driving on the freeway, or when her brakes give out in the back lot and plow through the fence, or when she just decides to stop running in the middle of the street (ed. note: not saying that happened)(but it did).  So while the Jam Van team is a heavily skilled and diversified unit, none of the Jew boys and hippies running around with this outfit possess the full skill-set needed to properly re-tool the engine and running parts of a vintage motor-home (go figure).  Thus we had to dig through society and find ourselves a dirt-bag that could.

                Lucky for us, we live in Venice, CA, the capital of raggedy-ass RV’s.  Can’t turn the corner without finding a stink-mobile parked next to the curb, paint fading under the Cali sun faster than its owner’s sanity faded from society (ed. note: deep like a fuckin’ Wordsworth).  So we had a good base of fringe-livers from which to start searching out our mechanic. 

                Our digging led us down several unsuccessful paths until finally we came in contact with a man whom we’ll call Mike the Muck-Chanic (see above).  I won’t refer to him as a mechanic, because he himself says that he isn’t a mechanic anymore.  He’s a “sound engineer,” and he’s only helping us out because he digs on baby girl’s mission statement, and, AND, because he knows the Muck herself!  Mrs. Muck, the bather of the Jam Van, the illustra-tor of Lil’ Kim, the spray fume queen of Venice!  So Mike, is a fuckin’ Muck-Chanic.

                Now that doesn’t mean he exists in truly the same stratosphere as the Muck, no, no, Muck is a piece to herself.  As far as I know, Mike still bathes on semi regular occasions, and as far as I can see he isn’t constantly trailed by his asexual husband whom he burns cigarettes on if he disobeys, and/or a pack of roving vagrants who refer to themselves as sorcerers and fairies (ed.note: I refer to them ass stupid and stupid)(ed. note: it doesn’t sound so cruel when I say it).  So that being said, he’s not a full Muck, but he does operate on her schedule. 

               That schedule being not a schedule at all.  That schedule being we call him a lot of times, hope he shows up, and hope he is gonna put the wheels back on the van and do all those tweaks and twists that he promised he would do to baby girl’s innards (fingers crossed).

                So that’s all to say this is where we are at right now.  Waiting on the Muck-Chanic, whom I do (sincerely) have all the faith in the world in.  He is a stand-up guy.  A lot of fringe liver’s are stand-up guys.  Just don’t pay them until they finish Muckin’ your shit up. 

                We encourage everyone to enjoy their weekend.  We’re taking this one off.  Gonna thrash through Venice on our own terms, maybe in a Van, maybe not, that’s really up to you know who…

Track for the Day:  To quote YouTube Poster GBMGTV:  “Fire…. Young Jeezy here forever, because he say to much real shit” – Jeezy’s newest track, “Shake Life,” off of the soon to be released Thug Motivation 103, which will most likely save hip-hop.

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