Earlier in my blogging history I discussed the certain merits of a musician whom at the time I referred to as Licky Lee.  The debate centered around a comment made by one Captain Jack, to me, in comparison of the Rolling Stones to Ms. Li.  Without re-hashing all a dat, let me just state that I have to apologize to Ms. Li, I should never have slandered your name.  It was wrong.  The proper spelling is Lykki Li.  My sincerest sorry.

                So now you are potentially saying to yourself what might it have been that made my stubborn ass apologize?  Well, you see, I went to see her perform last night at the Greek Theater and it has significantly changed my opinion of the woman.   Now I’m not one of those to only slap keys about stuff that I thought was lovely and “phenomenal” sounding.  In fact this wasn’t.  As a concert I’d rate it at par to perhaps sub-par.  This takes into account a lot of factors, but I’ll say without listing them, that the Greek theater is a terrific place to see a show, and my seats were groovy, and the show had a lot of good stuff going for it.  I was however with company that was semi-proppa and the scene didn’t really lend itself to actin a fool, so it was mostly going to be up to the music to make my night, and well, the performance, the actual songs and singing, it was either not my shit, or it was just eh.  I’m thinkin’ it was just eh.

                Here’s my reasoning.  The lights were spectacular, they set the night off on the right foot.  I want fuckin’ lights like that before I die.  I really do.  If it looks like trip’s goin’ south at any point I might just sell a bunch of shit to get some pretty lights and flash out in style.  Anyways, the show started out decent. “Jerome,” “I’m Good, I’m Gone,” “Silent My Song,” and the Burt Bacharach cover of “Please Stay” were all very enjoyable.  However, the middle of her set, including the song that everybody got all screamy about “Little Bit,” it was all just whatever.  The band was not that tight, the parts where it seemed like she should have really brought it, just kind of fell flat. 

                She closed out with a couple of really nice sad songs, I thought the sad songs were the highlight.  It’s nice to watch how people in an amphitheater respond to stuff that they think they’re getting some feeling from.  That being said, I was getting some feeling from watching Lykki Li gyrate and shit up on the stage.  She came out in a burka type situation, but she shed that down to some black shorts and a black top, and she my friends is a definite “one.”  Add to this the fact that she sings perty nice, and thrusts her hips perty damn good, well, that there is why I apologized to her at the beginning of this post.  Chica and I had a moment, she winked at me, I winked back (ed. note: in my head at least)(ed. note: that’s what counts)(ed. note: shut up), and she made up for the less than “phenomenal” music performance that she treated me to.

                In summation, I’d give the award for the night to the drunk party boy sitting next to us.  Sir, your style was flawless.  Your dancing, captivating.  Your singing, breath taking.  The way you fell on the floor during the encore because you went too hard on what you thought was the last song, then puked yourself, then got back up to flamboyantly stumble through the words of the true last song.  You sir, were brilliant, and I thank you.  Lesson to the rest of you, always anticipate the encore…

 Lykki, llamas me chicken head, we got a venue that you can sing at any time.

– Quick side note:  Could have seen Best Coast and Fools Gold open up for Ms. Li, but fell victim to Los Angeles’ buster ass ways.  10 Miles, 2 hours.  Beat status.

Quote for the Day:  “I wonder if Hillary is still on Facebook” – Some broad behind me during Lykki Li’s final really sad encore.  So you had me leaning back in my chair, watching a bunch of people get all teary eyed and kissy faced, while hearing this chattering dinkett behind my ear.  I will cherish the moment always.

Track for the Day – Rancid – “Ruby Soho” off of And Out Come the WolvesPlay it while you drive, just keep your eyes on the road when you shake your head.

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