So I don’t have much for y’all today (ed. note: not in the way of music at least).  That’s because last night I was sitting at the desk at Jam Van HQ when I felt a sudden and ridiculous pain in my abdomen.  Now, I am no stranger to gastrointestinal malfunctions.  In fact, if we’re being honest (ed. note: which we are 63% of the time), these little blips in my digestive comfort tend to raise immediate red flags for a dude who’s had to have his intestine unblocked twice in his 20’s (ed. note: yes gross, yes I’m not actually a teenager) (ed. note: doesn’t mean I can’t act like one).  So knowing that the best way to quell a sudden bout of gaseous pain in the belly is to curl up on the floor in the fetal position, that is what I did.  I didn’t care that Go-rilla was laughing at me, or that my dog the RZA was farting in my face.  I just cared that if I kept myself balled up tight it didn’t feel like there was an earthquake of pain inside of me.  To this I ask the question, do pains like this happen to obese people on the reg?  Please, if you are an obese person, fill me in on whether or not your stomach pulls a number on you like this every now and again.  Because honest, it pisses me off living in the USA and getting sick all of the time, while a bunch of schlubs waddle around with Mac D’s hangin’ out their ass, without a care in the world.  How the fuck does that work?  Seriously, fat folks, fill me in on how y’all avoid the Dr., cause I live a pretty decently healthy existence (ed. note: minus the obvious), and yet I can’t make it a year without a visit to the ER or the surgical center (ed. note: If I’ve offended any fat people I recommend finding your way to a treadmill, droppin’ a few, then tryin’ to catch me, elsewise, I’m don’t give a WHAT)!

That there is just a sidebar, because it was on my mind as it prevented me from doing anything that I could write about last night.  The other shit on my mind is this impending jaunt that Go-rilla and I are about to embark on.  We’ll start in Beer City, USA at the Moogfest.  From there we plan on prying ourselves away from my mother’s kitchen somewhere between the 31st of October and the 1st of November and then working our way down to New Orleans.  We’ll spend a couple of days there meeting with some musical types, eating, drinking, other-stuff-ing, and then we’ll head further west towards Texas.

Now by all accounts I am scared of Texas.  I’ve been there only in passing, I ate a hamburger and watched some strippers (ed. note: no lie, that’s all I’ve done in Texas) and until now I was quite content leaving it at that.  It is to my knowledge that Jewish boys who look like Arabs aren’t on top of a Texan’s favorites list.  However, I’ve been told that Austin is a bastion of semi-non-Texasness within the lone-star state, much as Beer City is a bastion of semi-non-redneck-dumbassness within North Cackalack.  I’m excited to see what this is about.  I’m excited to see a new place that I’m told has quite a good amount of tolerable music..  In fact, I’m excited to see music in all three of these places, because they ain’t LA.  Not that I don’t love you LA, I do.  We have our differences, but I still love you and your music.  I’m just fiending for a new scene, a bit more edge, a bit less tight pants.  So the end all of this blog is that if you are in any of those 3 fine places, please do contact us via our FACEBOOK PAGE, our TWITTER TWATFEED, or OUR WEBSITE.  Gorilla and I would love to drop in on some locals, share a drink, or a meth pipe, or a couch.  So holler cow-pokes, we’s a comin!
Quote for the Day:  Some white trash broad I be knowin – “Are you kidding? Why would you send me that!!! I didn’t even click to watch it, just saw a pic of a blender filled w/ mice.  Not ok” (ed. note: NSFPWDLWADEBM = Not Safe for People Who Don’t Like Watching a Dude Eat Blended Mice).

Track for the Day: “Travelin’ Light” by the one, the only, Widespread Panic, off of the timeless Space Wrangler

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