Since starting this website I’ve made it a point to not make any political statements here. This space is for music, and that’s pretty much the whole of it. Once in a while I get off topic on the journal, but for the most part I stay on theme. That being said, shit on the screens is getting way too ridiculous. Take a breath away from it all. Play your favorite song on the site and just be thankful that music won’t ever lie to us. This is not a political statement. This is just sanity. Keep it heady. Pass it on.

Rules of the Contest: Follow Jam in the Van, tag friend in our post and share a photo or video to Instagram choosing a JITV session that makes you smile, using the hashtag #MakeAmericaHeadyAgain or share a link on twitter from you favorite JITV session using the hashtag #MakeAmericaHeadyAgain. One lucky winner will be chosen to receive a FREE MAHA shirt in the mail.