Jam in the Van Jetty Shelter Project Band Competition

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More about the Jetty Shelter Project & SB 34…

Senate Bill 34 would enable licensed providers to donate free medicinal marijuana to patients in need, and exempt them from use taxes on the donated marijuana products.

Jetty Extract’s Shelter Project has served over 1000 cancer patients across the state of California, providing free cannabis products to critically ill people in need. The Shelter Project has been in operation since 2014 but had to cease production as of January 1st, 2018 due to new CA state cannabis regulations. These folks lives were heavily dependent on the program and the medicine the plant provides.
These patients do not have any other means access to this life saving medicine.

SB 34 aims to eliminate the excise tax on donated medical cannabis and allow it to be distributed for no cost to patients. The SB 34 emergency bill cites the intent of Proposition 215 and would clarify that cannabis donated to compassionate-care patients is medicinal in nature and will be exempt from commercial taxation if certain requirements are met.