Jetty believes CBD elevates wellness.

Jetty Broad Spectrum CBD is crafted in small batches, carefully refined to preserve more CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids. It’s over 350 mg of total cannabinoids, with no cutting agents—and independent test results published on every box. Ready to use in an industry-leading CCELL™ disposable vape pen.

Why trust a cannabis company with CBD?

Fair question. Jetty Extracts was founded in 2013 with a passion for cannabis, innovation and giving back (ok, surfing, too). Jetty was the first to bring cannabis vape to patients in the legal California medical market — and to the masses in today’s legal California recreational market.

Along the way, Jetty pioneered methods of extraction that remove harmful chemicals and other additives, creating the first pure line of cannabis oil extracts back in 2014. Jetty’s in-house R&D is uncovering new ways of extracting and preserving cannabinoids like CBD—and removing others, like THC. As one of California’s biggest cannabis oil producers, Jetty has built their company and products on a reputation for uncompromising craft and quality.

It’s with this experience, commitment and transparency that Jetty applies all they know about the amazing cannabis plant’s legal cousin—hemp—to launch their new line of CBD products. Hope you enjoy it!

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