By Friday January 3rd you should be good and dried up from your New Years Eve celebration and ready to make your first poor decisions of 2014. So come drink Lagunitas with us and watch the Van shake. We’re parking at Criminal Hygiene’s house, which is so quaintly dubbed “The Barn” (cause they animals over there), and we’re rocking all day and all night. Here’s the secret address: 1661 Echo Park Ave. The beer is free for twenty one year olds until it runs out, the set times and bands are as follows, pay attention:

2-3:30 PM: Criminal Hygiene Session and Interview

4-5:30 PM: Curtis Harding Session and Interview

6-7:00 PM: The Blank Tapes Session

7:45-9:00 PM Froth Session

9-10 PM Cherry Glazer Session


The following is what Criminal Hygiene look and sound like when they make the rock and roll inside of a van:

The following is evidence that Criminal Hygiene are fun lads: