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Life is Beautiful.  That’s a factual statement and an actual music festival with a bad-ass lineup.  We’re going to prove the one at the other this weekend when we drive the Jam Van to Las Vegas and park her backstage to record some one of a kind Jam in the Van Sessions in the heart of the historic Fremont St. District. The Van’s never been to Vegas, so anything is possible and we’ll have a Perfect Hippie and a Perfect Spud on the loose all weekend, so seriously, anything…

We’re looking forward to seeing some of the bands that have graced the Jam in the Van stage before such as Robert Delong, Allen StoneYoungblood Hawke, and Family of the Year, as well as getting a chance to capture live sessions from a host of new bands, yo Beck, call me…

The lineup can be found HERE.

Tickets can be bought HERE.

Tweet at us (@JamintheVan) with suggestions for who we should record at Life is Beautiful!  If you’re planning on attending try to find us and when you do, tweet a picture of us and there’s a good chance you’ll win a “Keep it Heady” shirt!

The super heady t-shirt you will win if you find Spud!

The super heady t-shirt you will win if you find us!