Made a new adversary today. Gonna place this guy at the top of the list. Right above the chick at my parking lot with the afro who thinks it’s cute to give me all singles for change when I see a stack of fives sitting in the register. This new focker, this guy, he’s way above her.

So, as the story goes, I was doing my part to spread the joy of our little creation to the world, and I contacted some of the music blogs that I like to poach my wit’it’ness from (ed. note, I don’t need to poach shit, I’m fuckin’ wit’it). Well, the one in question, we’ll call him K.B.B.B., responded to me upon my 2nd inquiry. Saying “Ok, I’ll bite.” As if I was trying to hook him, which maybe I was, but fuck his face, I was blessing that mah’fucka with my introduction.

The overall tone of his email was fully pretentious, his second line asked “and the purpose/mission of your website is…what?” I believe the … was meant to insinuate that our website doesn’t have a purpose. Or at least in the eyes of this gentleman, whom I will refrain from referring to as an old-ass wannabe hipster with questionable taste and mundane diction, our website has no purpose.

Well K.B.B.B., my response to your question, is that aside from the fact that you can obviously see (with maybe like a 3rd grade South Carolina education) that our website is a phenomenal (quoteth Jack) vessel for promoting music, especially up- and-coming music, obviously you can see that we make phenomenal (quoteth Jack) videos, with phenomenal (quoteth Jack) sound. ASIDE from the fact that obviously you can see that my blog is ten times more entertaining than your blog. ASIDE from all of that, I don’t even need a mah’fuckin’ mission, cause we’re having fun. We’re having it, and we’re about to spread it, and that’s kind of my mission when I wake up every morning, just have a good time. Monday, Friday, it don’t fuckin’ matter, as long as we’re smiling. So that’s how we do our shit K.B., we do it for the fun of it, and we damn good at having fun. We do it because we don’t listen to the music or go to a concert for the band, we do that for ourselves.

As for you, might we suggest trying to take a bit of the “shit don’t stank” out of the way you address people. I for one shit multiple times a day, and the stink level varies depending on what I ate, but believe me, they all stank. You sir, with your opinions and territorial behavior, you sir must be shitting flower petals that you could blow your nose with, else you just full of it. I lean towards the latter in my assessment.

At any rate, I’ve wasted too much breath on you. Just know that we now have blah’g beef, and if we ever cross paths you will get shit bagged. Until then, I wish you the best on your mission to promote music and concerts by posting text, videos, and photos on the world-wide-internet- web. Oh shit, wait, we do that too. Only, wait for it, wait for it, YOU AIN’T FRESH’AS’I’M’IZ

Peace B.

Track for the Day:  Breathe for Days by Futurebirds, off of the Futurebirds EP.  Dirty souf, makes me all nostalgic an’ shit.

Links for the Day:

Young Upstarts, very niiiice.

Takes me back to my Australia period, although that is all very hazy.

I liiiike.

– Ahahahahah Fatman, I get it.


P.S. – Look at that mah’fuckin’ BLUE SIDE!