So dig it, our most truest of homies, Ivory Deville, are in this contest sponsored by Guitar Center. If they win, they get to play the Fader Fort at SXSW, which is friggin’ rad.  They get some spending money too, which their bass player needs because he hasn’t bought shampoo in over three months and he feeds his cat toenail clippings.  So take a minute out of your day and share their contest page via the share link on the page. It helps them get points and points help them win the contest. Being an awesome band also helps them towards that goal, and in our honest opinion, they are just that.

Watch their first Jam in the Van Session HERE.  Then if you’re in the LA area on September 7th come check them out as they hop in The Van once again for a very special Guitar Center x Jam in the Van x MXL Microphones Session on Sunset Blvd., you know, where Cory Feldman hangs out.

If you like what you hear download Ivory Deville, The Joshua Tree Recordings EP HERE!

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