Oh my, what a couple of nice Monday surprises the music world has bestowed upon us today.

strokes 2Wavves_large1

First it was released that you could stream the entire track listing of Wavves new album “Afraid of Heights” over at NPR, and then the magical interwebs just tuned us in to the fact that you can stream the new Strokes album, “Comedown Machine”  over at Pitchfork!  That one isn’t set to release until March 26.

So far, in my humble opinion, both albums are pretty solid, which should be expected from two very consistent artists.  You know what you’re getting with Wavves, fuzzy stuff that sounds like Wavves, and you know what you’re getting with the Strokes, awesome stuff that sounds like The Strokes.  So DIG IT YO!

Stream the New Wavves Album here.  He’ll be in LA playing at the Echo on March 20 accompanied by Fidlar.

Stream the New Strokes album here.  Hopefully they’ll be touring at some point too, that would be awesome.