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This is legitimately top tier heady fodder.  A new Duane Allman Box set called Skydog is out this month.  His daughter, Gadrielle Allman (hot name) put it together.  It spans the years 1965 to 1971 and includes music he made with brother Greg in high school up through music he made with the original lineup of The Allman Bros. band right before his death.  Six years from age 18 to 24, from kid to legend.  Pretty wild to think how much he accomplished and at such a young age.  All without the internet, crazy just crazy.  Think about that next time you’re watching Workaholics with your hand down your pants (I know I will).

You can get it on if you’re a serious head or a head with cash.  It’s like $118.00 bones, but comes in a pretty cool package with Duane’s Les Paul adorning the front.  If you’re a scrapin’-resin type head and you can’t swing it, well, just Google some Greg Allman, read up, listen up, heady-up.