“From the ashes a fire shall be woken…”

We ain’t talkin’ no LOTR. We talkin’ Rock and Roll.

Those ashes are of a band called The Muddy Reds. The name probably never made it too far past California or the various hometowns of its assembled parts, and that was a shame. They were, and remain, one of this writer’s favorite Southern California discoveries. Alas, they piled their tattered frame onto the junk heap of other forgotten bands. Just another set of musicians tossed about in the dream of thinking they’re sound is special. It’s a shame when the good ones flare out, can’t take off, crash down and burn… You always want it to work out for them, but sometimes there just ain’t room.

Yet we all have to sleep at night, and with that sleep the dreams will inevitably return, and then all it takes is a spark, and boom, you’re back in action. So without further ado, let us present to you a band made up of two parts Muddy Reds and three parts new blood, all parts hippies, everything ahead unknown. Below is a tease of the first song that they’ll release, entitled “Drainpipe.” The recording is from a compilation that they laid down with Jam in the Van out in Joshua Tree, aptly titled “The Joshua Tree Recordings.” If you like what you hear and see, go check them out tonight at Hemingways Lounge, details below.