Good Ole' Boys from the Ozarks...

Damn, I’ve been awfully quiet for a minute haven’t I? Well, short excuse is that I been busy with things you probably wouldn’t expect me to have been busy with, ie: working and turning in PHD applications (ed. note: yeah, I know). Anyways, I’m back for the foreseeable future to provide you with my much needed thoughts (ed. note: MUCH NEEDED).

Let’s ease back in slowly, because I know I have a lot of catching-up to do, what with leaving y’all hanging on how Gorilla and I made it through Texas with our Jew-boy hides intact, but first, I have to recant from this past weekend. That’s because it’s Monday, and on Monday I recant. It’s also because on the Friday of this weekend past, we got up with a band that I have for a long time dug, Ha Ha Tonka, and those boys from Mizzou lit up the Jam Van quite iridescently before they torched the Bootleg Theater later that night.

Now, I’m not certain if Brian Roberts, lead singer for the band, recalls the last time he and I met. It was at the same theater, maybe about two years ago. They had just played a show, during which I had continuously screamed at him to “tear shit up Tonka-Face!” After the show we actually chatted on the Bootleg Theater’s patio, where he said he didn’t much mind being called Tonka-Face. I had decided then that he was not only red-headed, but a damn decent guy.

Upon further acquainting with him and his band this past Friday, I can only reconfirm my previous sentiment. Brian is a stand-up chap, and the rest of the group are just as easy-going and courteous as he is. They seem to really appreciate the fact that they’ve been able to travel the world and make music with their buddies from college for the past decade. Not that they said as much, you could just tell by the way they acted, you know, happy-go-lucky and such.

They played a flawless three-song set for us. No re-takes, no flub-ups, they were a tight-knit unit that harmonized as one.  The result, three beautiful live tracks off of their new album, Death of a Decade.  They also were good sports about taking some questions from yours truly before they played their real gig inside.  Now, I have spoken to my Kurt Loder skills before, and let me say, they were fully dialed in this past Friday. I’ll give a little taste:

Me:  Um, so like, you dudes are from the Mid-West right?

Them:  Yeah, Missouri.

Me:  Cool, yeah, I spent four years in the Mid-West.

Them:  Whereabouts?

Me:  Ann Arbor, MI, you ever played there?

Them:  Sure, yeah, A-Squared.

Me:  Yeah, A-Squared, shit, well, umm, so the Mid-West, umm, like, so I saw this video of you guys shooting guns on the YouTube, and like umm, so yeah, the Mid-West was boring as shit, and um, like, basically, umm, did you, or do you still shoot guns, and umm, well what I’m trying to say is, when did you first pick up an instrument?

Yeah, so I was a little loopy from the Friday rush-hour traffic, and/or other reasons, but Ha Ha Tonka were damn good sports about it.  So stay tuned for their session, it’s coming up real soon and will feature some of the other captivating investigative reporting that I did.   It will also be the first Jam Van session featuring our extra-flossy new gold mics, courtesy of our new sponsors, MXL Mics (aka Marshal Electronics). They hooked our baby up, and as Brian from Ha Ha Tonka put it, made us feel like P-Diddy… Which is pretty much what I’ve striven for ever since seeing him in that hot-tub in that Biggie video way back in the way back… Keep it heady. I’ll be back Tomorrow, I promise.

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Track for the Day:  “Adios to California” by John Hiatt off of Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns

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Los Angeles, you didn’t get Chris Paul, but you do get a chance to see these selected shows this week (12/12 – 12/18):

– 12/12 – Jonny Corndawg at It’s a School Night at Bardot, fo’free with RSVP

– 12/13 – Snoop D.O.G.G. and Wiz (aka Thizz) Kalifa at the Wiltern, for MONEY…

– 12/13 – American Royalty at DIM MAK Studios...

– 12/14 – Dinosaur Jr. at the Music Box at the Henry Fonda, 32 bones gets you the goodness

– 12/14 – Eastern Conference Champions play the Bootleg Theater for $8

– 12/15 – Black Star at the Nokia for about forty bills.  Worth it, plus, you tweet at me, you find me there…

– 12/15 – White Arrows and Youngblood Hawke do up the Echo for 10 bones…

– 12/16 – Chris Cornell at the Orpheum for forty bucks

– 12/16 – Social D at the Santa Monica Civic Center for 33 bones…

– 12/16 – Belle Brigade at the Satellite for 12 bucks...

– 12/16 – The Mountain Goats at the Troubadour for 20 bills

-12/17 – Wavves at Alex’s Bar for twelve dolla!

– 12/17- Bad Religion and Youth Brigade at the Santa Monica Civic Center for 33 bills

– 12/17 – Stevie Wonder at the Nokia Theater…

– 12/18 – The Grouch at the El Rey...