I say calf poop, because it is ever so apparent that this town is not tough enough to embody any qualities possessed within a bull.  Not their ability to pick their noses with their tongues, not their ability to gore a man to death, and certainly not their ability to drop massive stink-loaded-shits wherever they damn well please.  No sir, Los Angeles, you are more like a force fed calf or some bitch shit like that.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I love force fed animals, I’ll eat the shit out of all a that.  So I got no hate for you L.A..  I’ve been letting you fuck my lungs and my head without a rubber for six years now, so I must-a copped some kind of feelings (ed. note Gorilla and I have a pact not to do that no more).  Else, I’d be back in Beer City eatin’ some BBQ and wipin’ the sweat out my crack, cause it’s damn near evil-hot down in Beer City this time a year.  Anyways, you get the point, I’m into a lot about you LA, I’m just starting to get annoyed with some of your quirks.

                For starters, what the fuck kind of choices did you give me to work with last night?  Active Child at the Echo?  Stone Darling at the Satellite?  If it wasn’t for our boys Wires in the Walls we might have stayed home (gas ain’t cheap at 7 miles per gallon).  Instead we went to check them and the Ross Sea Party out at the Silver Lake Lounge.  The venue was cool enough to let us block off the bus-stop in front of their door again, and we had a decent time.  Met the long gone Red, and saw a fresh gone Red on the drums.  Me thinks you’re both a missin’ out.  Will-I-Am from the Whack-Eyed-Fleas was trolling around the Silver Lake Lounge for some odd reason.  Our girl LeLe on da Keys tried to annoy his ass, but he wasn’t having it.  Mah’fucka had his ear glued to a cell phone and didn’t give that sweet chile the time of day.  Now as to why Mr. I Am was slummin’ it by himself in Flipstaville with his cell phone close to his ear on a Monday night, well, I’ll have my theories, you make your’s.  He split with a Jam Van rubber thingy around his wrist, but I don’t think he really got a chance to understand the Jam Van experience.  That being said, I once walked through a Black Eyed Peas concert at Outside Lands, so I can say with all certainty that  I don’t think he really would understand the experience.

                My second beef is that aside from the drainage-pipe-slime-creatures that we encountered outside of the Burrito King on Sunset (ed. note:  really good Carne Asada, but don’t look any of the patrons in the eyes), we saw not a hint of crazy  goin’ on all night.   I don’t know if y’all were burnt out from the weekend because Rage and the Skin-Flute Convention were in town, or if the onslaught of super synthy, super dissident fuzz music is starting to make you all hate your parents too much and you’re doing the downer shit instead of the happy shit, but please, please, please, start to up the crazy. 

                I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that yeah, I think the type of music that predominates this town has an effect on the venues that have over the years become known as the breeding spots for young music.  These places, the Silver Lake Lounge, the Echo, the Satellite, they just don’t feel that rock and roll right now.  I know I hark on these dudes a lot, but we need more of these dudes, and these dudes, and some a these dudes, I mean, there is good rock-and-roll hanging around here, and pardon my Spanish scenester elitists, but Active Child is not good rock’and’roll.

                I do however know that the tunes are out there, and while we didn’t succeed in partying with them this past Monday, I’m not ready to give up on you yet Los Angeles.  My dog has marked far too much territory here, and would be upset if I uprooted him.  So we’re gonna try harder next time, and maybe as just a little aside, you could try a bit more as well…  Because we are mobile, and we will be leaving you in the near future for extended periods of time.  I just don’t want you to miss out before it’s too late…

Track for the Day:  the RoadsideGraves – “Far and Wide” off of My Son’s Home – Dig these guys.

Links for the Day: Free is again a really good price.
Debut of our first video butt-shaking girl...  yeah, the blonde nodding her head awkwardly (ed. note: she’s fired).  Forward this to her mother and father if you know her.
Rolling Stone had a contest, the winning band got to be on the cover.  Surprisingly Rolling Stone didn’t fuck up their selection that hard.  We dig.
Everyone’s droppin’ this video today, and in my humble opinion, it’s just meh, but when Jimmy does something, you blast it.
Our team Chach worked in the cubicle next to one of these guys for over a year and had no idea, even though his chach ass listened to their music every day…  Fucking Chach.