And not just the weather…  Seems we gots a couple rabble rousers riled up with our post yesterday.  Aside from making me ecstatic by the action our site got from my honest recant of an evening (ed. note: honest) at the Muddy Red’s show, it seems I’ve also started a trend (ed. note: this!!!)!  All the dagum comments started makin’ notes just like me, and (ed. note: wipes away tear from side of eye) gosh’darn’it, I’m flattered by the imitation.  So flattered that I’d like to share a sample from the man who apparently lodged himself inches from my crotch for a good portion of that show (ed. note: clears throat, speaks in Wario voice):

“Hey wario dude here. yeah, that was me all “up in your business” with my iphone. i think dandelo is band you will be hearing a lot more about, and soon. if you haven’t heard their cd, you should. that room did not do them justice. when you take a break from “listening to your roomate fartin’ on your couch”, or get tired of “wipin’ boogers on my mom’s wall”, or blowing the muddy reds (ed. note-: you write like somebody fartin’ boogers onto somebody else’s wall) get yourself a dandelo cd, read some really good music writers — it’s a real art form, you know –
and write – or expel haphazardly from your overworked rectum – another review.”

          Let me here state that I plan not to make a habit of this, but maybe if at times the comments are real good, such as is the case here, and maybe at times when I spent the night prior working on spread sheets for work, and also, maybe right now because it’s the first time the comments section has gotten exciting, and I think that’s maybe a milestone of sorts (ed. note: like I said, it’s getting hot). 

         First and foremost in retort, dude, proof read!  If you’re only writing a paragraph, which you were, there’s really no reason for you to write the sentence “I think Dandelo is band you will be hearing a lot more about.”  I mean, come on.  I’m already reading your post in a Warrio voice, that just enhances it, so you’ve only done me a favor.  I make note of the fact that you only wrote a paragraph, (ed. note: and one with em-pha-sis on telling me I don’t know how to write), because obviously I might encounter typos from time to time, but if mother taught me well (ed. note: oh and she did) then mine will not be as glaring.

            Next, let me say that I am currently streaming the Dandelo album (ed. note: here), and I can happily report that I’m still not into it.  I don’t have to like U2 either, and I fuckin’ don’t.  There’s about a shit-ton of bands out there, far too many.  Also a shit ton of dudes out there typing away on computers like myself, far too many.  So for one to be offended that one thinks another is no good, well that’s just silly.  You may enjoy Dandelo’s music, that’s fine, but don’t slight my desire to have my own opinion.  Just like I won’t slight your desire to inform that my writing skills are not up to shall we say “your par.”  Now, Perhaps as you claimed “the room didn’t do them justice.” but that wasn’t my take from the night.  My take was what I wrote.  My take is also that a good band could blow the roof off of a porto-potty if that’s where they have to play.

          So to that, I accept your offer to bet as to whether or not Dandelo will be a band that I will hear a lot about soon…  What would you like to bet?  Let’s say if I don’t see 5 magazine write-ups about them in the next 6 months that you owe me and my dog dinner?  Cool?  Mind you, he eats the fancy hippie organic food stuffs, so it ain’t cheap.  You can get me a cheeseburger.  I’d tell you the other half of the terms as to if you end up winning, but hey, let’s stick with the being honest theme… that ain’t happenin’.

          As to your suggested enhancement of my education, I can’t at this time provide you with a reading list of the sources that my mind has garnered diction from over the years.  I’ve no need to justify my style of typing to you sir.  As for now, this is our website.  It’s not Rolling Stone, it’s not Prefix, or Stereogum, it’s not Brooklyn Vegan, or Jam Base, if you came looking for one of those, well you came to the wrong place.  Our blog is a journal of the events in the life of the Jam Van.  At times that falls under the guise of a recount of an evening spent hearing music.  This shall always be an honest account of how I felt when viewing that music and it will not be reserved to only speak on the bands that were an enjoyable experience, because they aren’t all enjoyable experiences.  When Rolling Stone extends a paycheck to me (ed. note: oh fingers crossed), then I will consider conforming my words to a more standard format so as to fit within the tried and true formalities of your sacred “artform.”  Until then I will continue to probably read more than you, write more than you, and have more fun than you.  I will film less cell phone videos at concerts than you.  I will not as mentioned “blow the Muddy Reds.”  Hell to the no man.  If I was gonna blow a dude (ed. note: which I’m not), it certainly wouldn’t be those dirt-bags.  Any dude I would blow is gonna have to shower at least once every three days, I mean, could you imagine the crotch rot on those stank bag rockers?  Def. Pass. 

            Anyhow, this post was part testament to my excitement, part to my lack of excitement, and mostly to say thanks, keep the comments coming, we need that.

I won’t repost the other great comment I’ve received because the poster referred to herself as “Penny Lane” and that’s just horribly cliché, so I can’t with that…  I will only say to her that I am in fact quite happy (ed. note: in part thanks to you) so don’t you cry for me boo…  Now as to the rest of you, well you will just have to go to the site to see what that’s about.  Then make your own comments.  Please.
Track for the Day:  Last Night” by Scientists off of Pissed On Another Planet.

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