Fuck Yesterday, Tomorrow is What’s Up:

                I made a picture slide-show because I took a lot of pictures.  If you stalked us on the Twit-tip you’d be able to get these photos in real time, and thereby could live a little vicariously through us (ed. note: so to speak).  To be quite frank, it was a strange weekend for myself, and a weekend of firsts for the Jam Van.   Without delving into any of the former, I’ll just say I am glad I had music for it.

                It was undoubtedly full of many smiles.  Saturday was something.  It started off on the right note with me surfing the roof of the Jam Van a la Teen Wolf (that’s my arm cameo in the pictures, dreamy, I know).  Thinking about Tomorrow, we can’t thank you enough for letting us be part of your kick-ass event.  You folks know how to save da chilren’s and how to party.  That projector thing that you could step on and make fireworks come out of the floor and images move, whooah, any party that doesn’t have that from here out will fall sub-par for me.  That dude Mobius8, whoooah, what fuckin’ Sci-Fi-Meth-Addict Lair did you dig his ass up from?  That was AMAZING.  My man was rockin’ an all white Under Armor shirt with a beer gut and a chrome Phantom of the Opera mask.  He had a custom set up with these laser light thingies that he borrowed from security industry technology (ed. note: I wouldn’t even pretend to know where to begin).  So these security lasers are soldered into some shit called MIDI controllers (nerd alert) and some keyboards.  It makes it so that his machines respond to the velocity and position of his hands, and that lets him create riffs and trigger drum fills with the flick of his wrist.  He calls his setup “Hydra.”  It is in a word, trip-e.

                I myself was skeptical.  I thought Mobius8 was just tapping the lasers to a beat that he had already memorized, and that there was no correlation between his touch and the sound-shifting.  So I enlisted my Gorilla Corps. to find out.  Enter a big bouncy ball, that Gorilla threw straight through Mobi-Gus’ lasers, and sure enough they fritzed out and I learned that he wasn’t bullshattin’ us all along.  His Hydra is the truth.

                We also brought our friends Wires in the Walls to jam outside of the van.  Thinking about Tomorrow was kind enough to give us prime time location right in front of the venue, and right beside the Nacho Truck (ed. note: who have now been informed that flour tortillas are not standard nacho chips, and if they are gonna force gluten on folks they need a mah’fuckin’ sign).  

           Wires in the Walls graced us with two sets, although one got cut short due to what was claimed to be the first broken bass string in 15 years.  This is where I pause in my consistent sarcasm and wax poetic.  I have previously stated in this space my awe at the ability of lyrics to capture moments within’ one’s mind.  These guys, Wires in the Walls, regardless of where their music playing careers take them, regardless of what becomes of this project, this band, regardless all a dat, they have made music that when listened to is good enough to make everything else around you get really quiet, and suck you into the emotions that they put into their songs .  I appreciated it more than my slightly crooked stance might have lead on.  Everyone should listen to these guys, see if their music has a similar effect on you.  Thank you Wires in the Wall, we hope to see you again real soon.

                The night ended with myself, the team Gorilla, Craft’s Services and Mrs. Craft’s Services, and our most responsible camera man all hunkering down in the belly of the beast for the Jam Van’s first of most likely man sleepovers.   We bunked under lock-down inside of LA Center Studios.  I arose around my usual time of 6AM to find my team in various positions of repose, and the van in stankin’ disarray.  We go hard. 

                My final thanks goes out to the doorman at Center Studios LA for being at work at 6AM this morning.  Because if you hadn’t been, I was going to be leaving a present outside, and using that free t-shirt I got from Thinking About Tomorrow as something more than a fashion statement.  So on that fresh note, I still gotta do some sleeping off of unmentionables.  Happy Monday, all of you (ed. note: wink).

Track for the Day – Ryan Bingham – “The Weary Kind” off of Junky Star.  Spent some of the best nights ever climbing the rafters of the Road House with this guy blasting it on stage.

Links for the Day:

 This is how I want it to be when I come back to you Beer City.  Kind a kooky, kind a heady, some mahfucker’s serenading the fuckin’ chosen son on the banjo, and Cletis and Yolanda payin’ my ass respec.  Side note, great fuckin’ song.

I might could a linked some a they stuff before, but I’m been diggin’ the album, and y’all should dig on it too

Monday Morning Music

It’s aight to be a lil’ country. 

Free is a good price.

– A “dose of feel good

Los Anjealous these are your recommended shows for the week of 8/1 – 8/7:

8/1 – Wires in the Walls at the Silver Lake Lounge fo’free… (P.J.V.S. – Possible Jam van siting).

8/1 – Active Child at the Echo  – Fo’Free (P.J.V.S.).

8/1 – Babies on Acid at Satellite – I know nothing about them, they are the opening act for Stone Darling, but their name is catchy (P.J.V.S.).

– 8/2 – Allah Las at the Echo – Fo’Free

– 8/2 – Youngblood Hawke opens for the New Limb at the Satellite for $5.

Tally Hall at the Troubadour – Cause I went to the best school on earth with these happy-go-lucky fellas.  I always tried to fuck with their keyboardist’s keyboard in the dorms and the guitarist wore roller blades into class…  $15.00… Easy boys, jesus.

– 8/2 – Best Coast and Fools Gold open for Lykki Li at the Greek Theater – $40.00.

– 8/4 – Vanaprasta opens for Free Moral Agents at the Detroit Bar in the LBC…  I would suggest seeing these guys as much as possible. 

– 8/4 – The Bixby Knolls at Pershing Square – Cool venue, cool band, free.

– 8/4 – Black Bird, Black Bird and Jenny-O at the Exchange for $12.00.  Also a nice venue.

– 8/5 – Future Ghost opens for Summer Darling at the Satellite for $8.00

– 8/5 – Mix Master Mike is at the Music Box.

– 8/6 – HARD Summer Music Festival at LA Historic State Park…  $60.00 gets you a whole lot of thizz…

– 8/6 – Cypress Hill at the Troubadour…  Hells yes I wish I was back in middle school!