Look at that picture!  That right there is our new home-girl Kennedy, who is significant in our lives now for two reasons.  First, she was by default one of the more bearable MTV VJ’s from the 90’s.  I say by default, because I was really only catching what they had to say in between episodes of these guys and these guys, but she wasn’t that Jesse dude and she wasn’t this dude, so yeah, Kennedy rocked!!%&*!  Oh, and the second reason she’s significant now, is because she digs our vibes.  See, see, right there, she’s right there in that pho-to-graph, diggin, hard. 
                That image was captured at 98.7 FM’s Rooftop Concert Series on the roof of the Hollywood Tower Hotel.  The band that played was AWOL Nation.  They’re fronted by Aaron Bruno, he used to be in Under the Influence of Giants, and after acquainting with him, he seems like a generally solid dude.  Christopher Thorn, a la Blind Melon fame is in the band, and he ripped it pretty hard.  Harder than Blind Melon I’d say. 

                Excluding the song where they started rappin’ (got a lil’ Lincoln Park on us for a sec. b), AWOL Nation put on a damn good rock show, in a damn cool spot.  We highly recommend checking them out, listen to their new single “Sail,” it’s dern’good.  Also if you’re in the LA area, check out 98.7 FM when you’re making your daily fume deposit.  They tap into tastier shit than most radio stations (ed. note: the English speaking LA radio stations, can’t vouch for the rest). 
                Alright, now for something BIG!  Audio files, we have thizz-off!  THE JAM IN THE VAN VENICE BEACH SESSIONS MIX TAPE VOLUME 1 is here!!!  This mix features the stank nasty sounds of The Muddy Reds, Milo Greene, The Janks, The Damn Sons, The Dustbowl Revival, and Wires in the Walls.  Sometimes eclectic, sometimes hectic, download that shit, blast it when you’re workin’ dat ass on the stair-master or when you’re entertaining company and want to impress, because it will impress.  Stream it at work when you want to be thinkin’ about the Jam Van by the shores instead of TPS reports.  We promise, It’ll get you there.  

Now we be Out like Out.

Quote for the Day:  This Dude to the Budaphest on 7/25/11 – “That was like a pretty hip-hop move you guys pulled huh?” 
The Budaphest to this Dude on 7/25/11 – “I’m not really sure what that means man.”
Track for the Day:  “Danny Boy” by Youngblood Hawke, off of their self titled EP.
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The Best Mix Tape You Will Ever Own (until we drops anooothaaa)

Learn somethin’ fools!
Why I’m behind on my stories.      

Kid’s toys + Thizz Music = Head-e.

Daaaamn heads!  Cool out!  I can smell the patchouli already.

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