These dudes, The Orwells just put out what they are calling a “Home Video” the other day for their song “Other Voices.” I’m pretty sure it was called an official video at first (I could be wrong). If it was, it’s because they’re 18 and they probably don’t think things out to long and hard (huh huh), nor should they. The video itself looks like something you’d put together to remember the good times after you graduated high school, which of course these guys just did. Only their video is less pep-rallies and soccer games and more beer drinking and rock and roll. The song is pretty mature in its lyrics and sound, you know, for some young bucks, but I guess that’s why we know who The Orwells are. At a certain point age don’t matter and good music is just good music. Also, you can’t argue with the line that ends with “you’re not the prettiest girl around.” Can’t do it.