Heard this band Houndmouth on a website a few months ago. That’s how I hear most of my music nowadays, on a website of some sorts. Whence I heard this jam I said to myself, “self, we’ve got to get this band to Jam in the Van.” Step two is then contacting the band, and at the time they responded within a day and said they’d love to do it. We made pre-emptive plans to meet up at SXSW, all was well.

Then we never made it to SXSW and Houndmouth, well they were a huge hit there. Huge enough that afterwards I started hearing them and seeing them on all sorts of websites. Hell, they just debuted their music video via Bonnaroo and announced that they’re set to play the festival in June. Here’s to hoping they still take our call and to us getting back on the damn road as well, because I can’t keep listening to music this good and staying in one place, just can’t do it.