When that alarm goes off on Friday at 6:30 AM I envy you little punk-asses in college…  Or any of you punk-asses that don’t have a Friday alarm…  I’m struggling this morning, because I woke up on the couch at 3 AM, and was just about to crawl towards my bed, when my phone started ringing.  Low and behold it was a nocturnal associate calling to discuss logistics for this coming Saturday’s shoot.  What shoot you ask?  Why the one at Freak City LA of course! 

That’s right, we’ll be there Saturday filming The Henry Clay People, Family of the Year, The Shining Twins (hosted by Travis Keller of Buddyhead), and Gothic Tropic.  It’s going to be a hectic day for all of those hard-working individuals on the Jam Van team that make these shoots magic..  As for those of us who don’t work really hard on shoot days (me, myself, and Phil), we’ll be there too, and we’ll be testing out all that Freak City LA has to offer by ways of an anything goes scenario.  By that I mean that we’re going to be sitting in lawn chairs getting wasted.  Please feel free to stop by, admire the freaks and or hipsters, listen to some tunes, and bring a bubble machine if you have one.  Seriously, I want a friggin’ bubble machine to put in the van, and we dirt-broke-po right now, because all funds have been diverted elsewhere momentarily….

I had planned on using this space today to declare my eminent freedom (ed. note: If you don’t know, well now ya’…) (ed. note: fuck yeah I was just makin’ some money to feed my daughter, just like Biggie.  JUST LIKE BIGGIE), but, circumstances, as they often do, have changed, and I’ll have to wait until Monday (ed. note: God please let it be Monday) in order to find out if I’m going to have to figure out what hair color is going to look least flattering when next to orange.  If you gets my drift, then you gots it.

So remember, if you’re in the Los Angeles area this weekend, come let your freak flag fly at Freak City LA, which is on Hollywood Blvd. in this old abandoned department store.  Just look for the creepy tall dudes in leathers and the chicks that are tryin’ a little to hard to get their mom’s back for making them go to Sunday School when they were little.  So basically, second whore to the right, and then straight on til’ morning!  See Y’all there!

Set Times:

Jam Van Shoots (in the back lot of Freak City)

1230 PM – The Henry Clay People

230   PM – Family of the Year

6:00 PM – The Shining Twins

8:00 PM –  Gothic Tropic

Concert inside of Freak City

9:45 PM – Spirit Vine

10:30 PM – Gothic Tropic

11:15 PM – Deap Vally

12 AM – The Shining Twins


Track for the Day – “Southern Ocean” by the Pomegranates off of Everybody Come Outside!

Links for the Day:

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